How to Compete for Summer Hires

Whether it’s the weather or memories of struggling in past years, employers are starting their summer hiring earlier than before. Nearly half of hiring managers said they will complete their summer hiring in April. 79% of all summer jobs will be filled by Memorial Day.

And now experts are saying that for the first time in years, students will be more likely competing against other students—not underemployed adults—to find summer employment. They’re out there, and they’re ready to work. So how do you find them, and how can your company compete with big business?

  1. Make it easier to get hired. Large corporations typically have an extensive and time-consuming hiring process. Get the jump on your competition by streamlining your process. This approach will allow your business to outmaneuver bigger companies and help you nail down the right candidates in much less time.
  2. Look beyond the top schools. If you’re hiring college students, approach smaller schools that often get overlooked by high-powered companies. You’ll find just as many motivated, intelligent students eager for real-life experience.
  3. Find the bright side. Smart summer employment candidates want to feel like they’re part of a company, and that’s where smaller businesses can really shine. Showcase the size of your organization and highlight the benefits of working for a small business, such as having a larger role in decision making processes, the chance for quicker advancement and less competition for promotions. Many of today’s students are willing to take less money in exchange for a higher potential and a better working environment.
  4. Get creative. Find unique ways to attract candidates to your company. The more inventive you are, the better your chances will be of finding candidates. This is particularly important for businesses in a creative field. Be nimble and think outside the hiring box. You’ll attract more candidates and you’ll level the playing field.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to start looking – or to make your hiring decisions. Even in today’s job market, that could be a fatal mistake, as you just may find yourself heading into the summer months without a sufficient staff to deliver warm weather success.

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