Want a highly effective job posting? Follow these tips.

Three seconds.

That’s how long the average job seeker spends scanning a job posting. What does that mean for you? It means you must be clear, concise and cool. Yes, cool.

Be clear.

  • Titles. – Job titles should be less creative and more specific. Avoid using clichéd (although flashy) titles like “visionary,” “rock star” or “dude.” Job seekers may be hoping for a unique opportunity, but they are not literally searching for one. They are searching for specifics, so give them what they are looking for.
  • Qualifications – While the job you are posting may have a long list of requirements, try your best to include as few as possible. Three to five qualifications is ideal; for additional attributes you may be looking for, include a short paragraph or a note that let’s candidates know additional skills may be required.
  • Compensation – Listing specifics regarding compensation is not a must but it is a good idea. Depending on the skill level required for a particular job posting, it may be helpful for job seekers to have an idea of what the compensation will be. You do not have to list a specific number. Simply posting a range will be helpful for both you and the job seeker as it will set clear expectations and help to eliminate potential confusion.

Be concise.

  • Bullets – When quickly scanning for information, bullets allow job seekers to make an instant decision as to whether or not they should invest time learning more about your posting and ultimately, your organization. Bullets make the information clear and easy to find. Use them whenever possible.
  • Key words – Be sure to include keywords in each of your job postings. This practice will help to ensure you are showing up in search results, and showing up is half the battle. Finding the right candidates will be much easier if you set out with them in mind from the very beginning.

Be cool.

  • Graphics – Stand out from the competition by integrating graphic elements into your job postings. Don’t get too creative and waste valuable time, but do consider including company branding, logos and pre-existing videos or other interactive elements that will give job seekers a better feel for your organization and what you are all about.
  • Credentials – What makes your company better than the rest? Why should someone want to work with you? Show off just how great your organization is by touting awards, accolades or recent company wins to illustrate your success. What employee doesn’t want to be on a winning team?

Remember, job seekers don’t want to read a dissertation, and you don’t have time to write one. Implementing these tips along with a clear idea of who you are targeting will help to ensure you find the right candidate – and they find you – each and every time.

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