Lack of Experience? No Problem!

Do you know what the most heartbreaking words in a job description are for a recent grad?

“Three to five years of experience required.”

It’s rare in today’s market that you find a job posting that is specifically noted as entry level or for recent graduates. And seeing those seven words can easily drop a college grad’s level of optimism.

But fear not, young pros! There is still opportunity to get out there and start making your mark in the professional realm. How?


This tip has probably been beaten to death, but it keeps popping up because not everyone seems to understand the concept. It is an invaluable marketing tool when you’re representing yourself and your personal brand. People remember people who make an impression, so make sure you have your elevator speech prepared and practice that handshake. Have your business cards prepared and have plenty of them.


Make sure to donate your time to companies/organizations that could use it. If you’re genuinely interested in the industry that this company is in, you’re not only utilizing your learned skills, but if you’re working for a good team, they’ll help you advance your skills. Set boundaries in regard to how much time you can afford to invest, don’t be taken advantage of as free labor without determining the reciprocity in the relationship.


If you’re finding that other options just aren’t working for you, try going ahead and advancing your degree. Because master’s degrees are so much more tailored to specific career goals, choose a master’s that is more appealing to the kind of people you want to work for. Not sure what they’re looking for in candidates? You never know unless you ask. Most professionals are at least willing to share with ambitious job seekers the qualities they look for in employees. If graduate school is done right, you should walk out of there with your advanced degree (and thus advanced knowledge) and an even larger networking pool.

There are options to battling the dreaded seven-word deal breaker. It takes initiative and connecting with the right folks. Aim to use these tips and you could see your luck shift.

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