What All Employees Need

Excellent salary, top-notch benefits, in-depth training, and growth opportunities may be the first factors that come to mind when you think of what would make you a great employer. Without a doubt, these are all important elements to consider, however; your organization may not have the means of providing everything – and that’s okay. The most important necessity you can give your employees is 100% free and more important than anything else you could provide: self-respect.

Not all employees will be as exceptional, smart, or driven as others. Despite their level of performance, every employee deserves to be treated with respect. It sounds simple, but oftentimes, we can easily fall guilty to treating others disrespectfully without even realizing it or meaning to.

Be mindful of your actions – both verbal and nonverbal.

Eye rolling, voice raising, and smirks can all bring down employees’ perception of their own self-worth. Responding to comments or suggestions with sarcasm – even if it was meant in a joking way – can shift the focus away from the work performance and into a personal light for the employee. Although they may seem harmless, actions such as these chip away at, and can eventually destroy an employee’s self-respect.

Discuss mistakes in private.

Taking corrective action in front of peers can be humiliating, and extremely counterproductive. The employee won’t learn from the mistake, because they won’t be able to forget how they felt. Instead, talk to the employee in private and focus on learning from the mistake and improving to quickly wash away an initial embarrassment the employee may feel.

Don’t focus too much on tangible rewards.

Although pay raises and perks are always desirable, they won’t necessarily make your employees feel respected or valued. If your employees are treated with disdain, disrespect, or disapproval, no tangible reward will be able to overcome the damage done to their feelings of self-worth.

Contrary to popular belief, a job is not the most important thing you can provide your employees; it’s self-respect. It’s both the easiest and least expensive.  Please contact Springborn Staffing for your temp, temp to hire, and direct placement staffing needs

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