Essential Tips to Jump Start Your Job Search this Fall

Autumn is finally here, and while the year may be winding down, this is an excellent time for new beginnings – especially in your job search.  Taking the initial plunge into the job hunting process can be extremely overwhelming, especially among countless online job boards and job seeking tools. However, following an easy-to-use strategy known as FIRE can make your job search much more manageable as well as successful.

  • Find. The most proactive starting point to your job search is creating a list of companies, key people, and hiring managers to narrow your search.  Once you’ve found the companies you’re interested in, search for contact information for their human resources department. Check them out on professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, to see if you have any mutual contacts; this could lead to prime networking opportunities.
  • Identify.  A key component of the job search process is identifying the company’s needs and assessing how your skills meet those needs. Research company websites, websites of clients, and news articles regarding the company.  Social media is also an excellent tool for gathering insight into the industry, company, and current employees.
  • Reach.  This is where networking comes into play. Reach out to industry professionals and ask to discuss their work and how they arrived where they are today.  These informational interviews are a fantastic way to build your professional network, discover possible leads, and gain invaluable insight.
  • Engage. In today’s market, social media sites serve as useful resources for a firsthand look into companies and their methods of operation. Connect with potential contacts and hiring managers by providing comments or feedback through these networks; engaging with their content will show your interest in the company’s mission and goals.

Although the big picture may seem unbearable, breaking down your job search into smaller organized steps can help alleviate the overwhelming feeling by focusing on one piece at a time. Additionally, using a strategic method like FIRE will make your job search much more efficient and increase your likelihood of landing the job you’ve been looking to find. If you need help finding the job that’s right for you, do not hesitate to contact Springborn Staffing today.

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