Character Traits Every Company Must Have

Company culture is everything to a business owner.  The success of your team largely hinges on your ability to forge the right kind of culture – and creating the wrong kind of culture can completely destroy it.  While creating a strong company culture is challenging, it is vital that you build one and ensure that each of your employees knows and understands it.  Consult the following principles as a helpful outline to improve your own company culture.

  • Respect. First and foremost, you must respect everyone you work with. With respect comes trust, and you will only be able to address sticky situations as they arise if you’ve fostered an environment of trust.  This will require you to lead by example and always hold yourself accountable.  This may sound simple, but it can be difficult to admit failure; this is all part of forming a “blame-free” culture.
  • Freedom.  Freedom leads to autonomy, which in turn leads to motivated employees. Consider allowing flexible work hours, or incorporating something fun during lunch hour on Fridays, such as a foosball table in the break area or ordering take out.  While this does not mean an environment that is unprofessional or lax, it does mean rewarding your employees for hard work and allowing them to decide how to solve their tasks without micromanaging.
  • Awareness. This requires a certain level of maturity which allows you to self-reflect and have a clear understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses.  Having this form of self-honesty is key to understanding the challenges your team is up against. However, awareness also needs to be exhibited company-wide. Each employee must understand the importance of company culture and the way they interact with other employees.
  • Consequence.  No principle can be effective unless it is enforced by everyone. You will not be able to tolerate even one employee ignoring your organization’s principle. This sends the wrong message to your employees, which can be harmful.

A good company culture is built around lasting principles which encourage open and honest communication and constructive criticism from every employee. These principles should serve as a solid foundation on how you live and conduct yourself. Enforcing these principles does require a full commitment to change, so prepare to work on them daily. If you would like more detailed instructions on how to improve company culture, do not hesitate to contact Springborn Staffing today!

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