One Secret to Help Company Growth

Often times, the very solution you’re looking for tends to be found in the least likely place. The secret to company growth is no exception: conflict. Although many of us try to avoid conflict in the workplace at all costs, the best ideas and results stem from healthy discussions regarding what isn’t working. Inevitably, conflicts will arise as you oversee a growing business. To make the most of them, consult the following guidelines:

  • Support differences. One-sided views never took a company anywhere. Invite employees to share ideas and raise concerns. You need these employees to push back and question your ideas to make sure you are also considering what could potentially go wrong.
  • Find answers. Instate a new rule mandating every possible problem must be accompanied by a potential solution. Not only does this prevent employees from focusing on negativity, but it also makes all involved feel invested in the course selected to move forward.
  • Follow structure. Create a formal structure to follow when dealing with conflict. This will keep discussions professional and ensure effective handling of problems. Consider a method that focuses on what to do next time to help move discussion from debate to consensus.
  • Learn your team.  Everyone deals with conflict differently and knowing how the members of your team react is the first step to learning how to handle them. While some will spit fire and others will be more mild-mannered and peaceful, all will be valuable. They key is to take all opinions into account.
  • Discover truths. Think of this as conflict within conflict. To accurately identify problems, you must look for conflicts to find where the answers lie. Constantly ask “why?” and actively seek out tribulations to learn what they mean. This will help you stay a step ahead of yourself.

Company conflict is unavoidable, and seeking it out as a leader is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it can actually e the key to success within in your business and help you gain that competitive edge. If you are looking for additional small business resources, contact Springborn Staffing today!

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