Red Flags Employers Are Looking For

Although there is no clearly defined list of dos and don’ts when it comes to interviewing job candidates, there are some actions that are immediate red flags. Employers who are aware of these red flags are at a higher advantage for selecting the best candidates who are most likely to succeed in their organization. Red flags are deal breakers and can easily be recognized once you know what they look like. When screening candidates, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Poor communication skills. While it’s true that job interviews tend to bring on feelings of stress, pressure, and anxiety, poor communication is still a red flag. Not every candidate will have glowing communication skills; however, effective communication is critical for success. Note whether the candidate speaks too little or not enough and if they look you in the eye while they are speaking. These are all important communication factors to take into consideration.
  • Inappropriate appearance. While you may not be able to judge a book by its cover, general appearance, cleanliness, appropriate accessories, and good taste all matter. When it comes to a candidate at an interview, what you see is exactly what you get. A disorganized, messy, and lack of attention to detail in a candidate’s appearance can often transcend into their work habits.
  • Speaking negatively of former employers. Almost everyone has worked for a bad boss at some point in time and bad companies do exist. While negative job experiences are far from pleasant, it is never appropriate for a candidate to badmouth a former employer during an interview. If a candidate does this, rest assured that he or she will also speak negatively about you if offered the position. The quality of candidates you attract now and in the future will rest partly on your company’s reputation; don’t put that reputation at stake by hiring a candidate who will drag it down.
  • Unable to answer nontraditional questions. Prepared candidates will have effective, articulate, and well-rehearsed answers for common and expected interview questions. Their true proof of experience and knowledge, though, will be revealed in their responses to your follow-up questions which will require the candidate to elaborate on their answers. The specific information and details the candidate provides will paint you an accurate picture of the candidate’s skill, experience, values, and potential fit within your company’s culture.

Selecting and ultimately hiring an employee is hard work but well worth it when it comes to choosing the right candidate for the job. Springborn Staffing has been delivering top candidates to the best matched companies in Portland,  Maine for over two decades. If you are looking to hire the best candidates for your open positions, contact Springborn Staffing today!

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