Where to Incorporate Keywords on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent networking resource for job seekers in today’s digital marketplace; however, even the most social media savvy job seekers will often create a great profile and then find themselves wondering, “now what?” Luckily, generating attention from your LinkedIn profile is much easier than it may appear. The trick to getting the right kind of connections to find your profile is all about implementing a strong keyword strategy.

Just like it’s important to utilize the right keywords in your resume to make it through talent screening software, it’s equally as important to make use of these keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Hiring managers and recruiters search LinkedIn via specific keywords, and the more keywords you have in your skills and job title that match recruiter searches for candidates, the higher volume of traffic your profile will receive. To increase your likelihood of being found for a great new opportunity, take a look at the most critical areas to add keywords in your LinkedIn profile.

  • Headline. A compelling headline utilizing search-friendly keywords not only helps improve your profile’s traffic, it also looks great to recruiters. Remember, this is usually their first impression of you, so keep it concise, specific, and interesting. Include some of your top skills in addition to your job title. If you’re not currently employed, convey your value by describing your personal brand and talents.
  • Summary. View your summary as a mini cover letter. Begin with a powerful opening line to generate interest and include keywords relevant to your professional goals and highlighted achievements. Specifics are extremely important here, so include as much as you need to get the point across by using appropriate keywords, but don’t make your summary too long. Keep in mind that if recruiters become overwhelmed or bored, they may move on to the next profile in their search.
  • Interests. The interests section is often missed, but can be found under the additional info section of your profile. While many users skip this section all together, the interests section is a great opportunity to add extra keywords related to your career aspirations. Remember to maintain your original purpose and stick to information relating to your professional interests, but don’t be afraid to add some personality. After all, these are your interests and what make you unique!

Taking the time to add some industry-specific keywords to your LinkedIn profile may be all that stands between your profile and a great new job opportunity. Springborn Staffing has been Maine’s leading staffing firm for over two decades and prides itself in placing Bangor’s top candidates with their best matched jobs. If you are ready to take the next step in your job search, contact Springborn Staffing today!

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