Give Your Resume a Facelift to Get Noticed!

Getting your resume noticed by a hiring manager is your first step in the right direction on the path of your job search. Of course your experience, skills, and personality may be what makes the final decision between you or another candidate receiving the job offer; however, without accurately presenting your qualities in your resume, a recruiter won’t be able to objectively assess your potential as a candidate in the first place. Many times, talented candidates who would make excellent employees are simply missed in the initial resume review because they didn’t stand out from the rest.

To avoid blending in with the crowd, it’s important to craft your resume in an appealing, attention-grabbing way that will bring out the best in what you have to offer as a potential employee. While the unspoken rule of traditional resumes is to look professional, a number of methods do exist to tweak and tune your resume to make it unique and improve your chances of securing an interview. To begin, take a look at your current resume and consider the following:

  • Avoid cliches. After reading countless resumes, many hiring professionals find the words begin to blur together. When this happens, typical descriptions begin to lose their value. To avoid this, experiment with unique phrases or words to get your point across. Remember, you’ll want to present evidence on why you label yourself in a certain way. Everyone has different experiences which distinguish them in their profession. Explain the words you choose to stand out and stay fresh in the recruiter’s mind.
  • Be adaptable. Whenever possible, avoid sending the same resume to each company or organization. Instead, modify your resume to match the specific job requirements of each individual position. Consider your resume’s format and order, which could require changing depending on the position at hand. Every organization is different when it comes to their vision, values, and culture, so be sure to always illustrate how you can help the organization with your own unique skills and experience.
  • Quantify achievements. When it comes to getting noticed among a pile of resumes, you need to include details that separate you from other candidates. You may have excellent leadership experience, but you’ll need specific numbers to support your claims. Many candidates can lead others or implement programs, so it’s critical to be able to differentiate yourself through quantifiable results.

Getting your resume noticed sounds difficult, but just a few simple changes can make a huge difference. Remember that while visual appeal is important, your resume should not distract the recruiter. Instead, focus on unique but clear descriptions that are appropriate to each position and include concrete numbers, and you’ll be scheduling interviews in no time! If you are looking for job search assistance in Portland, Maine, contact the hiring experts at Springborn Staffing today!

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