Specialized Skills Employees: Where Are They Hiding?

Finding the right candidates can be very similar to finding a needle in a haystack. This especially rings true for employers looking to hire employees with specialized skillsets. Thanks to the advent of the World Wide Web, promoting your company’s job postings is easier than ever, but is it reaching the specialized skills employees that you want? The response to similar job postings in similar regions can differ drastically with some companies managing to attract more talented specialized skills candidates than others. Before posting your next job opening, take a look at the following tips to make sure your company is the one to attract, hire, and retain the best specialized skills employees:

  • Look where you plan to post the job. Specialized job boards will typically categorize job postings by industry and description. This allows you to reach candidates with specialized skills as opposed to a broader cross-section which could yield unwanted responses from under- qualified candidates. Additionally, specialized job boards usually provide more targeted resume databases and attract specialized skills candidates who tend to avoid general job boards. This allows you to find the best-fit specialized skills candidates without weeding through a sea of applicants. Partner with a local staffing agency to use their job board and tap into their large network.
  • Make the most of your descriptions. Job descriptions are an excellent opportunity for companies to market themselves favorably. A well-written and carefully crafted job description shows potential candidates that your company truly cares about the type of employees it attracts and pays close attention to detail. Describe your company’s culture and values, placing emphasis on key features such as growth opportunities, training, healthcare, and any other special employee benefits.
  • Work with an experienced recruiter. Working with a recruiter is the best method to ensure you are finding the best candidates with the right specialized skills for your company’s open positions. Recruiters have the industry knowledge and network of candidates best suited for your company’s needs, whether they are currently seeking employment, or already employed by a competitor. Recruiters are ready to do the hard work for you including attracting and pre-screening applicants until they have a pool of well- qualified candidates with specialized skills for you to interview and ultimately make a hiring decision.

Locating and attracting specialized skills employees can be a challenge, but the rewards it will reap for your company are well worth the effort.  Springborn Staffing is Portland, Maine’s leading staffing firm and brings over two decades’ worth of experience getting Maine’s top industry talent hired by the best companies. If you are looking to hire specialized skills employees in Portland, Maine, contact the experts at Springborn Staffing today!

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