Looking Ahead: 3 Challenges for HR

As with any business decision, hiring has always had, and will continue to have, its own unique set of challenges. While it is important to recognize, tackle, and overcome your current hiring obstacles, it is equally as important to take a proactive approach in looking towards the future of hiring difficulties. To make sure you will be ready to face any future challenges head on and come out on top, it is highly recommended and advised to understand the challenges facing HR in the next ten years ahead and work with an experienced and trusted staffing partner to help prepare for them. The biggest of these challenges coming down the pipeline over the next decade include:

  • Retaining and rewarding top employees. Sometimes a little reward goes a long way. While monetary compensation and benefits play a crucial role in a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer, they are not the end all be all when it comes to job satisfaction. Employees want to feel needed and appreciated at work. Small gestures, such as lunch on the company, employee appreciation rewards, or even the simple act of publicly acknowledging an employee for a job well done can help keep your employees within your company and away from seeking the interest of a competitor.
  • Developing the next generation of corporate leaders. We are currently in a unique period where several generations are working together in the workforce. Our next generation of managers, supervisors, and leaders are just getting their feet wet in the corporate world and for the most part, are still fairly low on the ladder. Now is the time to train and groom these younger employees so they will be empowered to become effective business leaders in the years to come.
  • Creating an attractive corporate culture. Your company culture determines many aspects of your workplace from the types of employees you attract and hire, to your company’s overall brand and atmosphere. Think about the kind of culture you want your company to project and work towards achieving it. This is one of the best ways to become the type of self-fulfilling prophecy you desire.

Looking towards the future of industry trends can seem daunting but it can prove to be extremely helpful for preparing and protecting the success of your company. As one of Portland, Maine’s leading staffing solutions, Springborn Staffing strives to keep its clients abreast of all upcoming industry trends and works closely to help determine a plan of action to find, hire, and retain the top candidates in the greater Portland area. If you are looking to develop a proactive hiring plan to ensure your readiness in the upcoming years, contact Maine’s top staffing firm today Springborn Staffing!

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