3 Tips for Hiring for Cultural Fit

The cultural fit of a company and its employees should never be overlooked during the hiring process. Although a candidate’s skills and experience are strong indicators of their likelihood to succeed in the position, it is important to look beyond the basics and determine how they will fit within your company’s culture. Because it cannot be trained, hiring for cultural fit increases your employee retention rate and allows employees to reach expectations much more quickly.  To make sure you are adequately hiring for cultural fit, begin with the following:

  • Know your company culture. Every company has its own unique culture and it is important to be familiar with yours. Observe your current workforce and the ways in which they interact with each other, think about why past new hires did not work out, and ask managers about their opinions on your company’s culture to gain insight from all possible angles.
  • Ask the right questions. Once you begin interviewing candidates, you will want to compile a list of questions that will help you determine where they may be a good cultural fit. In addition to questions about their skills and achievements, consider asking questions about their work habits, previous conflicts, and any question that may glean insight on their day to day personality.
  • Conduct a behavioral interview. A behavioral interview is similar to a traditional interview except it places more emphasis on reactions to hypothetical scenarios as opposed to more straightforward questions. Discuss some potential scenarios or conflicts the candidate may face in the position and relate them to your company’s unique culture. Monitoring how the candidates react to these possibilities could be one of the best methods of gaining insight into how they may or may not fit into your company’s culture.

Hiring for cultural fit saves valuable time and money in the long run by reducing employee turnover and boosting company morale. Springborn Staffing has been Bangor’s number one staffing resource for more than twenty-five years and prides itself on providing nothing short of solid reputable quality in staffing resources. If you are looking to hire top Bangor job candidates that fit your company’s culture, contact the experts at Springborn Staffing today!

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