3 Reasons HR Managers Need Technology

Technology has been credited with changing the business world on more than one occasion and HR is no exception. In fact, many businesses today cannot complete daily tasks and responsibilities without the use of a computer or Internet access.

As technology continues to have a significant impact in nearly all areas of business, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and developments predicted for 2014.

Consider the following areas:

  •  Big Data. In the HR world, there is no shortage of data.  But how can you effectively make use of all the data you collect?  Focus on analytics. In 2014 and beyond – hard data will augment fallible human interaction.  Data can be used to establish metrics to determine optimal salary levels avoid employee turnover or anticipate on-the-job accidents.

Talent Analytics can be used to predict sales performance or other standards of on-the- job success of candidates.

  • Mobile. Jobseekers increasingly rely on smart phones and tablets in their job search. In order to attract and engage the best candidates it will be crucial for employers to optimize their websites and job boards for mobile users.
  • Video.  Recent growth in video usage shows no sign of slowing down in 2014. Video will increasingly be used in on boarding and training – particularly for jobs with high turnover or when many employees are hired together.

Video can also be used to engage candidates, by giving jobseekers an insider look at your company – what it’s like to work there, what current employees like about working there, what the local area is like. This is especially helpful when a focus on cultural fit is a hiring initiative.

Lastly video can be used to interview out-of-town candidates, saving both time and money for you and the applicant.

Keeping up with technology trends can help HR managers to increase their effectiveness in key areas of their profession.  As Maine’s leading staffing firm, Springborn Staffing prides itself in providing its clients with the necessary resources to stay on top of technological trends in HR and locate the best talent. To learn more about the best technology resources for Portland HR professionals, contact the experts at Springborn Staffing today!

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