HR Managers and LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn hosts thousands of discussion forums – groups focused on a considerable range of industries and subgroups with even more specific targets. These groups are a powerful feature on the world’s biggest social network for business. Joining, and participating, in groups pertinent to their industry and area of expertise is a key factor in building and branding a business.

Membership provides the opportunity to interact with individuals, both within your community and globally, who share common interests and work-related obstacles, issues, and answers. You can connect with influencers and keep up to date on the latest for your industry. You’ll not only expand your network of connections, but also increase your visibility and authority as an HR professional, thereby attracting more top candidates from the talent pool.

So, out of the nearly two-million LinkedIn groups, how do you decide which ones are the best for HR professionals?

In the big picture, three of the top groups for HR professionals include:

1. Linked:HR – the largest professional group for human resources on LinkedIn, this group has more than 850,000 members, maintaining up to 200 active discussions per month. Designed specifically for HR industry discussions (job seekers will be moved), they cover diverse topics including, recruiting strategies, HRIS application software, employee and labor relations, staffing, employment law, ethics, diversity, sustainability, human resource trends and technology, best practices, benchmarking, retention, compensation and benefits, needs assessments, and other key HR topics. Linked:HR is a valuable resource for HR Professionals in any of the SHRM disciplines.

2. Human Resources Professionals Worldwide – a much smaller group than Linked:HR, it still has a significant membership of more than 60,000 members, hosts 30 active discussions per month, and provides a social community for HR professionals. Members are primarily corporate HR managers, analysts, and executives, recruiting specialists, staffing professionals, and professionals specializing in payroll, compensation, and benefits.

3. Human Resources Professionals – similar name and group, but not affiliated with Human Resources Professionals Worldwide. They have fewer members, only 40,000, but are considerably more active, offering 200 discussions per month. All types of HR professionals are welcome to participate in this group designed to network and share ideas, thus improving and strengthening practices at their respective companies.

Although the above groups are designed to serve HR professionals in general, it can be helpful to focus on groups pertinent not only to HR, but also to your specific industry. By asking the following questions, you can narrow your choices.

1. Which geographic area or region do you serve and/or where are your suppliers located?
2. What products or services do you sell and/or to which industry?
3. What are your professional interests and/or areas of expertise?
4. What is your professional title and the professional title of your customers and/or suppliers?
5. What are your professional clubs, associations, organizations, etc.?

LinekdIn allows each member to participate in 50 different groups, leaving plenty of room to belong to the big general groups and smaller, specialized groups. If you want to expand your network, tap into multiple resources, and get your company and personal brands in the spotlight; find the groups that best suit your needs and assist in accomplishing your professional goals, and join. Check out Forbes 14 steps to improve your LinkedIn presence and make the most of each group.

Don’t let the implication of an email deluge push your panic button – you can control which groups communicate with you, and how often. You can do this either by going to “Settings” on any LinkedIn screen (which you will find by scrolling over your name on the top right), selecting the “Groups, Companies & Applications” tab, and then clicking “Set the fre¬quency of group digest emails,” or by selecting “Your Settings” under the “More” tab once you are in a specific group. You can even shut off all communication.

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