The Successful Job Search

Searching for a new job can be exhilarating, but also intimidating. The key in winning the war is having an adequate battle plan. Review the following tips to make sure your job search is advancing forward.

The Moment of Truth
Before you can win the dream job, you need to know exactly what your dream job is.

Who are you?
• What is your passion?
• What gives you energy?
• What are your priorities?
• What are your core values?

What Color Is Your Parachute is an excellent resource. This book will help you discover your gifts, and the best positions in which to use them.

What are your goals?
You know who you are and you have the big picture of where you want to go. Now it is time to plot your journey. Break it down into daily and weekly steps. Compose a list of target employers.
Network though social media, classes, and business and LinkedIn groups. Share your vision. When you know who you are, and the goals you want to accomplish, your personal branding and networking will be more effective. You will not only be able to turn conversations into opportunities, but others will be able to connect you more accurately to their networks.

The Resume
Contrary to some predictions, an excellent resume is essential.

Remember, you have approximately six to ten seconds to convince a potential employer and/or recruiter to keep reading, so your follow this format:
• Be short and succinct
• Use easy-to-read font and lots of white space
• Make it easy to skim information
• Include keys words/objectives specific to position
• Include contact information – cell number, email address, and LinkedIn URL.

Supplement your resume with a portfolio of documents that support it. For example, a video clip, leadership briefs, and specific examples of how you impacted a company’s bottom line.

The Interview
Winning an interview is the first step – having an effective one that results in a callback is the next. Follow these tips for success:

• Write out your answers to common questions and practice.
• Research the company.
• Prepare your questions for the “reverse” interview.
• Drive there the day before so you know exactly where it is and how long it will take to get there.
• Choose a “dress for success” outfit.

The big event:
• Arrive fifteen minutes early and scope out the employees, atmosphere etc.
• Smile and present yourself with confidence – body language makes a difference.
• Be honest: present your strengths with examples and show how you’ve used a weakness to grow.
• Do not discuss salary/benefits until the second interview.

The Follow-up
Write a thank you note and mail it within 48 hours of your interview. Failing to do this simple step is like marching into battle without a weapon. An email is ok, (and necessary when a decision is being made within a few days), but a neat handwritten note is always a winner and a guaranteed way to standout from other applicants.

An effective thank you note will:
• Thank the interviewing for his time
• Show appreciation for the opportunity to learn about the position and the company as a whole
• Restate your interest.
• Remind the interviewer of your particular skills, experience, etc. and point out how they apply to the position.

Note: If more than one individual interviewed you or sat in on a joint interview; send a thank you to each one.

Contact Springborn Staffing. We will support you in your Bangor and Portland, Maine job search. You will soon be sending a follow-up thank you after interviewing for the position that fits your goals.

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