Inspiring and Motivating Your Employees

Inspire. Encourage. Motivate. Words and ideas that are tossed around, but aren’t always caught. The fact is, that employees who are inspired and encouraged, are also motivated. They are more productive, improve growth strategy, and tend to stay longer with their company. In reality, they become every HR’s dream. So what can you do to ensure that your employees are inspired, encouraged, and motivated?

Begin by accepting responsibility. Your employees either came with the job offer when you accepted your position, or are the ones you’ve hired since then. You are the key factor in creating a working environment that inspires happy productive staff. Follow these guidelines.

Practice servant leadership
• Place personal value on your employees – they are your company’s greatest asset.
• Be kind – treat your employees the way you would want to be treated if your roles were reversed.
• Take time to know your staff – be aware of factors in their personal life that affect their work performance.

Provide communication
• Clearly communicate in words and in actions, the core mission of your company and its vision for the future.
• Ensure that everyone knows what needs to be accomplished, including the why and how of it. Employees who understand your vision and their role are more engaged in the process and outcome.
• Maintain open communication, which includes responsive listening.
• Provide prompt feedback. Acknowledging positive effort and performance inspires even more, while dealing with problems immediately encourages change and avoids negative results.

Create a productive work environment
• Match appropriate authority to given responsibility.
• Provide the necessary tools, equipment, and technology for the job.
• Give them the freedom to perform – show your confidence by giving them the assignment and then stepping back so they can do it.
• Encourage team-building moments.
• Be willing to adjust office hours – flexibility is a plus, allowing employees to work at peak productivity.

Encourage innovation
• Establish a culture that encourages new ideas. Listening to new ideas and commending efforts stimulates creativity.
• Involve your employees – giving them a vested interest from the planning stages and onward, empowers and motivates them. They are excited about the project outcome.

Offer opportunities for professional growth
• Give time off to attend conferences or to participate in webinars.
• Bring in experts for several hours of extra training.
• Share in the cost of continuing education.
• Pay their annual dues to a professional organization.

Show appreciation
• Give written and verbal appreciation and acknowledgement for a job well done.
• Commend outstanding employees in company newsletters, on your website, etc.
• Show your appreciation in tangible ways too. Extra PTO, office parties, early leave on Fridays, gift cards to local establishments, etc. all say you appreciate your employees.

Following these guidelines will make a difference. For help in hiring the right candidates while creating a motivating company culture in Portland and Bangor, Maine, contact Springborn Staffing.

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