Mental Strength – It’s a Choice

Do you have mental strength? In other words, do you maintain control of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, regardless of your circumstance? Have you developed a set of core beliefs, and the courage to live accordingly, even in the face of adversity? Do you have staying power – the endurance to keep advancing toward the goal when the path is rugged, as well as when it’s smooth?

Mental strength isn’t something you are born with – it’s a choice of commitment and hard work. Observe mentally strong people. They consistently make the following choices.

They understand their core beliefs and live accordingly.
• They take time to reflect on who they are, what they stand for, where they want to go, and how they want to affect the world as they get there.
• They keep a mental and written list of their core beliefs.
• They take time to evaluate their daily regimen, and how it supports the big picture.
• They evaluate a situation after the fact. Were they guided by their core beliefs? What changes, if any, do they need to make in the future?

They let go of what they can’t control and focus on what they can.
• They recognize that they don’t have any control over the attitudes and actions of others, but they do control their personal response.
• They recognize that they don’t control circumstances like weather changes, traffic snarls, or the problems caused by the mistakes of others, but they do control how they handle the situation.
• They recognize that they cannot control what is past, but they can invest in the future by applying what they learned from the past.

They take responsibility for their own actions
• They guard their own thoughts – focusing on the positive element.
• They admit it when they are wrong and take steps to correct the situation.
• They do the work, realizing that personal success relies on personal perseverance.
• They reject an entitlement mentality, rather than expecting others to cover for them.

They accept delayed gratification
• They manage their expectations – recognizing that great results depend on steady application for the long haul.
• They consistently apply their energy and time – giving their share, and maybe more, but taking time to rejuvenate, knowing the end result will better because of it.
• They have staying power, learning to celebrate the mini goals throughout the journey and waiting patiently for the final.

They face their fears
• They don’t let fear keep them from taking calculated risks.
• They embrace the challenges that come with change.
• Instead of fearing failure, they recognize it as a tool for learning.

They live by the Golden Rule
• They treat everyone with respect and kindness.
• They show appreciation to those who help them on their path – from the janitor who cleans their office to the company president.
• They rejoice with and celebrate the success of others.

Mental strength is a process of making good choices on a consistent basis. It takes a conscious and consistent effort, but patiently applying yourself will reap rich rewards. Contact Springborn Staffing. We connect mentally strong candidates with top clients in Portland and Bangor, Maine.

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