Be a Company who Cares – Invest in your Community

Investing in your community reaps many rewards. It builds your local community, provides for those in need, and inspires other individuals and businesses to do likewise. As an added blessing, it not only promotes a positive public image and encourages trust; it often results in company growth. Taking specific steps to invest in your community is a great way to both give back to those who have supported your business, and pay forward.

6 ways to show your community that you care:

1. Share financially: One of the best ways to give financially is to set aside a specific percent of company profits for local organizations and/or local chapters of national organizations. Once you established the percent, choose a different organization to support each month. For example, many communities have a program for helping low-income families pay their heating bills. January would be a great month to help them with a donation. On the other hand, May is an ideal month to present an annual scholarship and summer months are great time to support Little League, Boy Scouts, 4-H, and other kid-friendly organizations.

2. Share your time and expertise: Giving isn’t always about money. Depending on the nature of your business, there are many opportunities to share your expertise. For example, an accounting firm could offer free workshops on a variety of pertinent subjects at the local library. Of course sharing your time doesn’t have to be limted to your field of expertise. Serve at a local soup kitchen, help with a habitat for Humanity project, or just make a habit of doing a random act of kindness each week.

3. Support community events: Get involved with community activities. Participate in festivals and fairs. For example, become a trained volunteer for the Spirits Alive Summer Tours in Portland. Ask your employees for input. Support one of their pet projects.

4. Employ local people: One of the best ways to invest in your community is providing jobs for local individuals. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but make it a point to look locally first.

5. Support your local economy: Another great way to make a positive impact in your community is to support the economy through local purchases. Whether you are making a purchase for your business or personal needs, look within your community before shopping elsewhere. When local economy is growing, so will your business.

6. Motivate your employees and your clients to join in giving: Create programs to motivate your employees and your customers/clients to join in. If there is a local tragedy or special need, organize a company fundraiser. Set up an employee contest where, in addition to the prize, the winner can choose the charitable cause of the month. Offer employees the chance to apply for a half day of PTO to be used volunteering. Offer a special discount on services or products to a client who is actively involved in giving.

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