Thank You Very Much

We live and work in a world of Me-ism. Too often the focus is on what I want, how I want it, when I want it. In the process, “thank you” has fallen by the wayside. Whether it’s a business or an individual, when acknowledgement of, and appreciation for, a job well done is expressed, the ripple effect can be immeasurable. When a business takes time to show appreciation to their employees, the ripple effect often spurs respect for their name, increases their productivity, and ultimately, fosters success.
Furthermore, research shows that an employee leaving a company for greener pastures is motivated far more often by lack of appreciation or sense of being valued than by insufficient pay. Lack of employee appreciation can result in office conflict, lower morale, and negative customer satisfaction. It increases absenteeism while decreasing productivity.
Your employees are your most valuable asset. Taking the time to acknowledge their value and express your appreciation is more than just the right thing to do – it is personally rewarding and essential to business success. Start today.

Don’t limit your thanks to end-of-project celebrations and holidays. Take time between the big events to extend your thanks for the daily input your employees contribute to the company.
• Include a handwritten thank you with an employee’s paycheck.
• Stop in the break room and say thanks to everyone. Sincerely, of course.
• Throw an unexpected office party – bring in pizza for lunch, or pass a fruit and chocolate basket mid-afternoon.
• If someone has done an exceptional job, give him or her a couple hours of extra PTO.
• Express your appreciation publicly through company newsletters or your Facebook page.

Honor the big events and holidays too
• Express appreciation during the on-going project and throw a celebration when it’s finished.
• Christmas bonuses are wonderful and help with the extra expenses, but why not also offer an “Independence Day” bonus for 4th of July weekend.
• Don’t just focus on company–wide holidays. Honor employees on their birthdays and life changing events – take the time to celebrate with them and to express how much you appreciate them as an employee. Give them a gift card – one that shows you’ve taken the time to know who they are and what they enjoy doing. For example and avid outdoor person would appreciate a sporting store, while another employee might be much more thrilled with a Barnes and Noble certificate.

Foster acts of appreciation among staff
• Encourage department heads to extend appreciation to their group
• Encourage departments to sign joint cards and pitch in on a gift card for custodial help
• If one employee experiences a long-term illness or must take extra time because a family member has cancer, etc. encourage fellow employees to each donate a few hours of their vacation time. Match their time donations.

Regardless of when you are saying thanks or for what you are saying thanks, follow these core principles.
• Skip the generalities – be specific and personal. Instead of saying, “thanks for a great job,” say, “thanks for taking the time to proofread and correct the final documents. Your attention to detail is a valuable asset to our company. We appreciate the extra time you spent.”
• As we noted above, say thanks in a way that shows you have taken the time to know who your employee is and what interests him/her.
• Be genuine. Employees know when you are just “doing your duty” and when you really care about them and appreciate their contributions.
• Never – ever mix even the tiniest note of criticism or motivating speech in with a thank you. Devote the entire message to an expression of appreciation for an act already completed – period.

True appreciation recognizes the act, but focuses on the individual(s). Showing appreciation is crucial – an essential to your company’s success as well as your personal and professional success.
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