New Year’s Resolution: Increasing my Job Security

You finally landed the job of your dreams – or at least the one that is closest to it. You want to stay there until you decide to climb over the fence to greener pastures. Include job security in this year’s list of resolutions – nothing complicated – just basic attitudes and actions that ensure your boss will never want you to say goodbye.
I resolve to:
Exceed expectations. I will accomplish this by
• Arriving on time, and being willing to stay late when the occasion requires it.
• Rolling up my sleeves and working hard – including taking the project that nobody wants.
• Being a problem solver – not only responding with creative answers to issues, but also recognizing potential problems before they happen.
• Concentrating on adding value to my company’s bottom line.
Expand my repertoire. I will accomplish this by:
• Cross training to learn multiple functions within the company.
• Attending seminars and conferences to maximize my skills.
• Self-educate through online classes.
• Learn something new.
Enhance my leadership skills. I will accomplish this by:
• Developing my vision.
• Setting goals.
• Improving communication.
• Encouraging others.
Extend my network. I will accomplish this by:
• Appreciating the value of networking.
• Recognizing that networking isn’t about me – it’s about connecting.
• Seeking mutually beneficial connections.
• Serving others through networking.
Express Gratitude. I will accomplish this by:
• Thanking my boss/company for my position and benefits.
• Representing my company with integrity.
• Acknowledging those who support and help my projects/goals.
• Affirming my thanks to others with appropriate tokens of appreciation.

This is not meant to be an overwhelming set of must dos. It is simply a framework of guidelines to use for self-evaluation. Ask yourself questions. Where am I strong? What are my weak points? Choose one area to work on each month. When it’s time to make resolutions for 2016, go back over this list of guidelines. You will be amazed at the progress you made.

At Springborn Staffing, we care about you and your career resolutions. We are here to help you find that best-match position – the one you want to keep. Contact us for help in the Portland and Bangor, Maine area.

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