Teamwork: A Crucial Key for Growth

We’ve all read the stories of the underdog sports team, who came together under an inspiring coach and attained the impossible victory. The same principles that achieve remarkable success apply in business. Inspiring leadership and powerful teamwork fosters incredible success. So, what are these principles?

Live the brand
When Oracle Team USA made a huge comeback and won America’s Cup in 2013, you can safely bet that they knew who exactly whom they were, and it wasn’t just another sailing team – they were Oracle Team USA.
We’re not suggesting that you pass out jerseys to your employees, but don’t hide your company’s mission statement or company purpose. Give the team a reason to be proud. Inspire their connection to the company brand – when it becomes their own, they are highly motivated to strive for success.

Establish and communicate your vision
When the NFL season begins, every team understands the final target – Super Bowl. They also understand that each game is an individually important win and within each game, every touchdown or field goal is a crucial step toward the victory. Before each hike, the players communicate the next play.
Establish the project vision; and how the vision ties into the company brand. Create clear-cut target goals and dates leading up to project completion. Communicate often, ensuring that every one of the team understands the plan. A well-communicated and shared vision promotes united collaboration.

Define individual roles
In major league baseball, each team player has a specific role. If San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Madison Bumgarner and catcher Buster Posey would have switched places, the Giants may have struggled to win any games. In the right positions, however, they led their team to victory in the 2014 World Series.
A powerful team consists of a great players and a leader who understands the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Choose the right individual for each role, and then clearly communicate not only the responsibilities of their role, but also the importance of their role to the total outcome. Give them the authority and tools to carry out their role and the latitude to choose how they reach the goal.

Cultivate a sense of team
During a sports season, the team live, breathe, and eat their sport. They meet together to discuss play details, review films to discover weak areas, and practice for hours. Everyone fulfills their own responsibility and holds each other accountable.
Regular group meetings, progress reports, etc. are an important part of project success. Keep the door open to great ideas. Strong leaders encourage employees to work together, cultivating ideas and offering both mutual assessment and accountability. They know that providing encouragement and appreciation is equally important. Employees who feel valuable and know they are a trusted member of the team will draw out the success in each other.

Share the victory
When a sports team wins, they all share in the victory. Regardless of which player is interviewed, they consistently recognize the value of the team.
When a project is completed, the great leader acknowledges the entire team and gives credit where credit is due. Whether it’s through a company celebration, financial bonus, extra PTO, or another tangible reward, include the entire team in reaping the reward of project success. How you end a successful project is the first step to encouraging success in the next project.

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