Recruiting: Best Practices Unite the best Companies with the Best Candidates

As your staffing agency, matching up the best candidates with the best jobs is our prime objective. For that reason, it’s prudent to consistently evaluate our recruiting practices and our partnerships with our clients. We value your business and strive to remain one-step ahead of the ever-changing recruitment industry. When we work together to stay on the cutting edge of recruiting practices, everybody wins.

Key points of best practice recruiting include:

Looking beyond immediate needs. Of course, the first priority is filling open positions, but don’t stop there. Utilizing predictive metrics allows for anticipating future needs. Taking a proactive effort to identify passive candidates and build relationships before there is a need is a crucial part of building a pipeline of talent for now and in the future. There are a variety of sources, like social media connections (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, etc. (Social aggregator tools help managing a variety of social media sites.), online forums, which reveal the voice/brand of potential candidates, and referral programs. Online virtual events are an excellent tool for engaging passive candidates.

Incorporating sales strategy. In reality, recruiting is quite similar to sales. Staffing agencies are marketing clients to candidates and candidates to clients. Adopting standard sales processes, including identifying targets, collecting information on contacts and prospects, following through with advertising campaigns, and tracking activity via database tools and metrics, are part of recruiting best practices. In addition, using the latest software to track both client needs and both passive and active candidates is a great marketing tool.

Maximizing job descriptions. Writing a job description that stands out among similar positions and attracts the best talent is key to great hires. Don’t use a one-size-fits-all template. Job descriptions need to be accurate, of course, but they also need to emphasize what makes your company the ideal to place to work. Make sure your descriptions reveal your pride, passion, culture, personality, etc.

Establishing recruitment team specialists. Whether a staffing agency focuses on one industry or multiple types of clients, a reputable staffing agency provides recruiters who are experts in their individual fields – from focusing on college graduates to finding their clients the best IT teams, executives, or medical personnel, to supplying blue-collar workers for light industrial, hospitality, or clerical support.

As your HR extension, a reputable staffing agency is a trusted resource and wealth of information. They invest time and energy into bringing together the top talent and companies. Choose a staffing agency that not only fills your present positions, but also anticipates your future needs, incorporates up-to-date strategies and tools, specializes in your industry, and utilizes recruitment best practices.

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