Values of Successful People

There are many articles on the traits and/or skills of successful people, but what they value plays an equally – if not more important role.

They place value on themselves:
Successful people understand how and why to care of themselves. They know that physical, mental, and emotional health play a significant role in their personal ability and likelihood to succeed.
• Physically: Contrary to popular opinion they don’t work longer than everybody else – they work smarter. They take the time to eat right sleep right and exercise, recognizing that physical strength and stamina are important keys to success.
• Mentally: Successful people clear their minds. They understand mental energy. By developing the art of focus, they prevent burnout over petty day-to-day anxieties.
• Emotionally: Successful people are not without emotions, but they have learned to control them and to discern which ones to listen to in any given situation. They are quite passionate about what they do because they choose to follow their passions.

They place value on people:
Successful people understand that true success is being able to share it with those they love, rather than finally reaching the top of the mountain and standing alone, alienated from everyone who was pushed aside on the way up.
• They take time for relationships.
• They lead with servant hearts.
• They give credit where credit is due, unafraid to share the spotlight, recognizing that achievements are rarely made alone
• They acknowledge those who walked with them on each journey, showing their appreciation in tangible ways.

They place value on character:
Successful people understand the freedom of integrity. When you tell the truth, it’s easy to remember what you said.
• They keep their word. The only promise what they are able to deliver.
• They are flexible. While they are strong in their personal principles, they know when to accommodate the needs of others.
• They recognize the value of accountability.

They place value on learning:
Successful people are confident in who they are and aware of personal achievements, but they never consider the finish line not do they rest on past successes. Each day is a new day.
• They listen to others, treating them with respect and acknowledging that everyone can teach you something – even if it’s just what not to do.
• They stay culturally active. They take time for fine arts, for reading, for connecting with life.
• They don’t let their brain grow lazy, but constantly seek a new challenge.

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