4 Essential Keys for Rising to the Top in HR

Knowledge: Participate in social media discussions, forums, roundtable, etc. Subscribe to professional journals. Attend conferences. Never stop learning.

Understand the foundational pillars of human resources.
• Best practices
• Trends
• Typical challenges
• Metrics

Develop Business Acumen – the ability to discern and respond with keenness to business situations.
• Maintain HR principles and functions regarding applicants, employees, peers and colleagues
• Understand and follow fair employment practices
• Know exactly what legal compliance includes

Possess a focused knowledge of the company – what determines and drives success and revenue.
• The why and how of your company’s financial and accounting operations
• Marketing: Who are your customers – name the top three
• Basic operations: at least the last three years sales and profitability

Communication: The ability to communicate the both soft and hard topics, to address both company and employee issues in a respectful manner way that clearly states the objective, while holding to the standard is crucial.

Be an advocate for your company and for the employees – your company’s most valuable asset.
• Create a fair balance between company and employees
• Base decisions on the good of the whole

Learn to listen, giving your full attention to the speaker.
• Listen without interruption before attempting to solve the issue
• Restate what was said to clarify that you understood what they meant
• Listen well enough that you could defend their point of view even if you disagree

Deliver the hard messages, including reprimands, with respect.
• Stress the behavior – don’t attack the person(s)
• Treat the recipient with dignity – give them a place to fall
• Avoid a I win-you lose attitude
• Even when you disagree, thank the other party for their thoughts and contributions

Develop your public speaking skills
• Being able to conduct training effectively is essential
• Be available and able to speak at HR events

Leadership: HR leaders must be able to well . . . lead – be able to see the big picture and then focus on the details, the progress, and most of all the people who will make it happen.

Establish a company culture by leading the way.
• Exhibit a warm and caring, positive attitude
• Treat everyone with respect
• Be known for your integrity
• Understand not only the “rules”, but also the spirit behind them
• Uphold company standards
• Inspire loyalty and trust

Build your leadership skills
• Learn to delegate
• Manage your time well
• Develop self-discipline
• Be a problem solver
• Make decisions with confidence
• Face your fears

Service: One of the most important keys to leading is the inclination and willingness to serve.

Be a servant leader and maintain an open-door policy
• Be approachable
• Place value on people – even when it forces you to think out-of-the-box

Go beyond what is your reasonable service
• Do the tough jobs – be willing to dig deep for solutions when no one else will
• Volunteer your knowledge and expertise to organizations
• Help new employees to acclimate

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