Resonating Resumes

Whether HR is sorting through hard copy resumes or surfing from one LinkedIn page to another, he/she is doing it fast, hoping for that one resume that grabs his attention and halts his/her search – the resume that rises to the top with a shout of “Look at me!”

Just like you, every other professional, who is searching for a new place to make his/her mark, is hoping that his/her resume is the one. So, how can you ensure that yours really is the attention grabber?

First Impressions are the crucial component

Traditional: Use quality paper –neutral tone, 10-12 readable font, and sufficient white space
Social Media: Professional photo, 3-dimesional presence, and key words

Creative, concise, content in every format

Standing out requires engaging HR with a succinct, purposeful summary that highlights your skill sets, experience, and knowledge, and is relevant to the position they are seeking to fill. It should also give an immediate sense of your personality and your character.

List specific by showcasing specific situations that used those skills – back up your accomplishments with specific results – if the numbers are great, use them.

Don’t forget transferable skills – examples from life experiences, especially continuing education and any volunteer activities. These reveal character as well as skills.

Highlight unique qualifications that give you an edge. Use power words that show rather than tell. If you’re online, make use of images.

Your social resume presents the same summary as a traditional resume, through the avenue of your online presence – so makes yours shine.

LinkedIn: Your profile should capture the best of your marketable skills and your professional as well as personal achievements and experience. Don’t forget to share any awards or special honors, which you have received. Be active – participating in discussions and posting relevant industrial news reveals your professional personality and confirms the skills etc. that you listed in your profile

Websites and Blogs:Keep your website clean, professional, and easy to browse. Post blogs that are relevant to your profession.

Sync your traditional and social resume together. Use hyperlinks to connect your traditional resume (in a pdf file), your social media sites, and your social media profiles together.

Summarize your resume into a bio (150 words or less) and submit it with your name on anything you post online. When your profile catches HR’s attention and they search your name, your bio will pop up on everything.

On both your traditional resume and online, make sure your contact information is easily accessible.

Proofread everything. Ask someone else to review your online pages and your traditional resume. Consistently update your information. When applying for a specific position, tailor your information to the position, using key words, and highlighting qualities and skills the company is

Giving your resume – both traditional and via social media – the attention it deserves is an absolute necessity. It is often the first key to opening the door to your next career opportunity. Contact Springborn Staffing. We will assist you with your resume and help you connect with the best position for you in Bangor and Portland, Maine.

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