Motivating Temporary Employees

Many companies rely on temporary workers to fill in the empty spaces created when a fulltime employee is injured, takes a vacation, or requests a leave of absence. Holiday and peak seasons, new project launches, or specialty projects also create a reason to hire contingent work force. Temporary workers are valuable assets – they help prevent burnout of permanent staff, reduce overtime, and improve the bottom-line. Knowing how to motivate and inspire them to give their best is essential. We have put together important keys to the process.

Work with your staffing firm – communicate exactly what your need regarding temporary help. When your staffing firm knows the details, they can ensure smart hires.
• What skills are required?
• What character traits are a must?
• How long will you need the worker(s)?
• Is there potential for permanent hire?

Establish a company onboarding process – Don’t let temporary workers standing alone outside the circle. Pull them in from the first day.
• Give them specific assignments
• Provide necessary training
• Assign a “mentor” to help them transition into position
• Create an inclusive company culture

Show appreciation for the role they are playing – if management recognizes the power of temporary workers and the positive difference they make, your permanent staff will do the same.
• Treat them with respect – show that you value their input
• Offer the same incentives/bonuses as permanent staff
• Say thanks
• Offer the little tokens of thanks – for example if they are part of team who makes a deadline, treat them to pizza and extend your thanks to everyone – including the temporary workers.

Bottom line: Your temporary workers aren’t any different than your permanent staff. They will respond to your attitudes and efforts in the same way your permanent staff responds. Take the time to onboard seamlessly, recognize their value, and show your appreciation. Make it work by hiring smart in the first place. Contact Springborn staffing. We supply clients in the Bangor and Portland, Maine area with quality temporary staffing.

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