Why You Need a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn – at 300 million members and growing – is the leading social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn company pages offer a can’t-miss opportunity for your company to promote services and share important updates with people in your field. It’s a plus for your company and your partnering staffing firm when you need top talent. Best of all? It’s free and easy.

Here are 5 quick guidelines to get you started:

1. Write a summary that sticks

The summary appears on the homepage of your company page. It will show your cover photo, company updates, links to products and services, and career openings. Think of your summary as the “about us” section of your profile. When you’re writing the summary:

• Use keywords that will increase your visibility in your LinkedIn and Google search results.
• Make it personal and give an honest picture of your company to the customers.
• First, tell the “what” of your company. Remember, most people scroll down after the first paragraph, so make sure the big sell of your company is front and center.
• Then tell the “who” of your company. This is the personal part. Your history, work culture, and important values.
• Read over your website or your mission statement. Pull out three words that are core to your company and use them in your summary (for example: efficient, experienced, and quality)

2. Create Pages that Inform
Create a “services” and “reviews” tab to let visitors know what you offer and what others are saying about you. When building your review page, let your network speak for you. A little social proof goes a long way. Colleagues, employers, and customers who can speak well of your contributions are great people to ask to write a review and endorse your company. Personal advocates are a big win when it comes to catching the eye of potential business contacts.

3. Company info and updates
Publish work such as videos, blogs, presentations, power points, or images to give people a reason to engage with you. These updates will show us your company is active and alive. Update your posts frequently. When you have a new blog post, make sure it is posted on your company page as well. Did you write a white paper or publish an article? You guessed it! Post in on LinkedIn. Every post should be a window into your company’s happenings.

4. Post Jobs
The “Careers” tab allows you to post company job openings that apply to the network your target audience visits and explores. Let people know you’re looking for employees to help build what is defined in your company description. Direct them to your staffing agency for preliminary screening and interviewing.

5. Promote your page and important updates

Under the overview tab, LinkedIn allows you to promote your company through an ad campaign. This is divided up into four easy steps. A “Common Questions” box also appears to the right of this page to help you with any troubleshooting. A LinkedIn ad campaign could help spread the word about your company in the LinkedIn buzz as you build inbound marketing efforts into your business.

Creating and maintain an up-to-date Company LinkedIn page will keep your company in the spotlight. Springborn has multi-fingered access to top tier talent. By partnering together, we keep Bangor and Portland, Maine clients fully staffed with the best. Contact us today.

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