Engaging Millennials

Millenials are the workforce of today. Although the actual numbers vary from one report to another, everyone seems to agree that the millennial’s population is now the largest. As Baby boomers retire, millennials are running the ship. Yes, Gen Xers, lie between the other two, but they lost out, having been born in the shorter time period, and during the time that the average family size was shrinking. All this to say, that if you want to create a strong connection between your employees and your company – a connection that creates retention, it’s time to engage Millennials.

Before you can engage Millennials, you need to define them. Skip the negative labelling – it originated from a generation of Baby Boomers who assumed different meant wrong. Focus instead, on the true characteristics of Millennials.

They are multitaskers: Yes, they can get distracted – quite easily – by all forms of social media, but their social media prowess had made them very adept at managing many responsibilities at one time.
They are Tech-Savvy: They have grown up in a fast-paced world of technology – cell phones and mobile devices aren’t “new” to them –rather than learning to use them, they are continually searching for the latest and best. The revel in IT skills and have an affinity for all forms of social media.
They are team players: They grew up on an abundance of sports – they understand how to collaborate with others and delight in multi-cultural pursuits.
They focus on value and meaning in life: Yes, they want to be paid, and paid well, but their focus is on meaning and purpose, seeking to make a difference in their world. Their generation jumps into volunteer opportunities with enthusiasm.
They are learners: Highly educated from the get go, they love to keep learning, constantly preparing for the next challenge, moving not only upward, but also broader.

Now that you have a clearer picture of who they are, you can adjust your recruiting tactics to capture their attention and professionally engage them.

Optimize your website and definitely go mobile: They are always connected, always online – if you want to attract their attention; you have to meet them where they spend their time. Post interesting, information and invite relevant discussions. Create a positive company cultural that encourages work/life balance and let that culture shine via your social media.
Create variety in your open positions: They want stimulation, challenges, and flexibility. Opportunities to grow “on the job” as well as personally are an essential component to attracting and engaging them. They want to know that an open position will offer opportunities to continue moving onward.
Pave the way for charitable activities: Be involved in your community. Likewise, establish a working environment that allows for volunteer activities and time for employees to be involved outside of the workplace.
Don’t delay: The supply/demand lies in their favor. Furthermore, they are decisive and fast-paced. If you’ve capture their attention, give them a reason to stop looking elsewhere. Delay too long in making an offer, and they will already be three interviews down the road.

Millennials are a uniquely talented generation with a unique worldview. They can make the difference in your company’s success – your bottom-line. Understand them and seek them with a passion. Contact Springborn today. We will match companies in the Bangor and Portland, Maine area with winning Millennials.

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