Characteristics and Skills of a Great Manager

Whether you were recently promoted or you walked the management trenches for years, taking time to evaluate and assess your management skills is time well spent. Even world-class athletes keep looking for ways to improve their skills. Consider these tips

Do your job
• Don’t’ be afraid to manage, of course, but be willing to lead by example. Do your share and fulfill your responsibilities. Don’t delegate what you need to do yourself.
• Set a personal high bar and maintain it.
• Admit your weak areas and take appropriate training. There are many online choices for self-improvement in both management and leadership.
• Build on your strengths. Everybody has his/her own management style. Doing what you do best enables you to be the best manager you can be.
• Seek a mentor – someone who will give you honest feedback – and then listen.

Connect with your team
• Share your goals and objectives with your team/employees. Seek their feedback and listen. They will often have insight and discernment that makes your job easier.
• Be real and transparent. Don’t be unattainable. They will trust you more and be more willing to pull their weight.
• Recognize their gifts and assign roles accordingly
• Give credit where credit is due. A great manager freely shares the glory of a successful project.
• Delegate responsibilities and match it with appropriate authority. Employees who believe they can make a difference, will.

Improve your communication skills
• If you struggle with clear concise communication, enroll is a program like Toastmasters International.
• Take responsibility for communication – ensure that everyone on your team receives all pertinent information in a timely manner.
• Provide clear expectations concerning individual job requirements
• Communicate tough decisions with a clarity that prohibits misunderstanding; be firm, but maintain a positive culture
• Give negative feedback when necessary, but do it in a way that inspires growth
• Acknowledge a job well done. Verbal and tangible thanks are always appreciated, and encourage continued excellent service.

Empower your employees
• Veto any personal desire to micromanage. Give them clear responsibilities and them let them accomplish it
• Provide the necessary tools to perform their jobs
• Invest in their continued growth and training
• Pay attention to their natural gifts and skills as well as their personality and style of working. Tap into this rich source by placing them in the best position to use their skills.
• Take time to develop relationship, both individually and as a group. When rapport is established, your team will accomplish more, and do it better and faster.

Above all, trust your abilities – you wouldn’t be in that position if you hadn’t earned the promotion. Do a great job, reap the reward, and have fun while you’re doing it.

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