Working with a Recruiter

Regardless of what “title” a staffing company gives to their staff, they are essentially “recruiters”. And recruiters are specialists in the business of matching people – each with their unique personality, abilities, experience, etc. to their clients’ open positions and specific needs. Understanding how the recruiting process works will help make the recruiting process work for you.

Important concepts to understand:

While a reputable staffing company not only takes time to get to know each candidate, but also offers career advice, interview pointers etc; they are not primarily job coaches – they are recruiters.

On the one hand, a staffing company’s clients are their number one concern – after all clients are their source of revenue. On the other hand, they need a well-filled bank of potential candidates in order to fill those needs. Furthermore, it’s a candidate-driven market, so staffing companies also focus on building good relationships with quality workers.

Staffing company recruiters dedicate time to each potential candidate that contacts their office. They also dedicate time to searching multiple sources to discover both active and passive potential candidates. If you want to be noticed, be proactive.


• Be open – and honest – about your experience, training, skills, and availability.
• Keep communications – emails, phone call, texts – focused on appropriate and job-related information.
• Be courteous and respectful in all communication

Be professional
• Whether face-face, video, or skype, dress appropriately for your industry field
• Be honest about your past and present employment situation. If there were/are issues – face them, fix them, and clue in your recruiter. He/she can’t help you avoid the same situation if you weren’t honest.
• On the other hand, don’t treat your recruiter as a “dumping ground”. Share what is pertinent in a professional way – refrain from badmouthing past coworkers or bosses.
• Your recruiter is working to “assist” you in finding the perfect fit. Do your part; take advantage of networking connections, job fairs, etc. Participate in self-education, webinars, and conferences to increase your skills and your connections. The more professional you are, the more likely that a recruiter will seek you out if an amazing opportunity comes through later.

Be out there: In other words, stand out to recruiters.
• Keep your LinkedIn and other social media profiles clean and up-to-date.
• Participate in forums
• Post pertinent articles

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