Enhance your Resume – Create a Video

Whenever you send a digital copy of your resume to potential employers, it’s the perfect opportunity to include a video.

Video resumes, short videos designed and created by job seekers/candidates to give a more personal view of their abilities, skills and qualifications, are an enhancement, rather than a replacement for their traditional resume. It gives potential employers the opportunity to “pre-interview” the candidate by offering a chance for them to not only see and hear the candidate, but also to gain insight into how he/she presents himself/herself. It provides the candidate a chance to highlight their professional personality and demonstrate how well they will fit into the potential company’s culture.

Including a link to a well-done video on your digital resume, and your LinkedIn profile, may be the tool that gives you an edge over other applicants. Just remember, once it’s online, it lasts forever – be professional in every way from what you say to how you say it to sound and camera quality.

Make a plan
Outline your objectives and prioritize them. What’s the most important piece of information you want to reveal. It’s not just about sharing skills and experience; it’s about sharing your personality – your passion.

Make every word count
Your video resume should last from 30 seconds – 2 minutes. Use powerful action words and practice, practice, practice. Rather than trying to memorize it word for word – you will sound canned – read it multiple times until you know the information so well, your words flow naturally. It’s like riding a bike; you just hop on and go.

Match your industry
Creativeness should not erase professionalism and professionalism should not snuff out creativity. How would you dress if you were going to an interview? Dress the same. In every way – from attire to voice tone and body language to your setting, match your industry. But, do it with creativity and uniqueness. Stand out in a positive way.

Give it a trial run:
Ask a close friend, your mentor, and a professional from your field to evaluate the video. Listen to their responses and make appropriate changes when necessary. Remember, if you are too embarrassed to show it to them, what are you doing putting it online?

Video resumes are a great way to enhance your digital resume. Ultimately, they will help you land your dream position. Bring your video to Springborn. We help candidates connect with companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine. Contact us today.

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