Giving Thanks

springborn - thanksgivingThe giving of thanks is always a winner. We are taught it when we are young, we know how much it means to us when a boss, coworker, friend, etc. takes the time to thank us, and we know how it blesses us when we bless others with our thanks. So, why do we let the rush of our journey hold us back from having a “thanksgiving attitude” all year long?
Our answers will all different – and yet very similar. The key is what can we do to change?
Here are a few tips to get you on your way
Keep a journal: No we’re not talking about lengthy entries – unless of course, you want to write for hours. Just keep a notebook handy – on the corner of your desk, on your night stand, in your car – wherever works for you. Designate a time – whether it’s when you arrive at your office, leave for the day or last thing at night. Jot down three things you were thankful for that day. Maybe it was simply that the sun rose or you had water when you turned on your faucets – maybe it was far more profound. It doesn’t matter – the key is being grateful for it.
Keep a gratitude “rock”: Any small token item will do – a charm on your key chain, a magnet on your fridge, your TV remote control. The point is to have designate something that is your reminder to pause and meditate a minute and express thanks for something.
Take a weekly gratitude walk: As you walk, take time to notice all the incredible things in nature. Or if you must walk indoors, go through a mental list of family and friends and think about something you appreciate in each one.
Make a gratitude commitment: Choose to say thanks to one person everyday – even if it’s the cashier at a local store or restaurant.
Taking time to develop an attitude of gratitude pays off – in fact studies show that when we do, we often experience:
• Stronger immune systems
• Increased energy
• Greater life satisfaction
• Less stress and an increased ability to deal with what comes
• A tendency to get more exercise and eat healthier
• Improved mental clarity
• Better sleep patterns
• Deeper friendships
• Higher performance and greater productivity at work – and home
• Improved self-esteem and confidence
We hope you discover the path to gratitude. Meanwhile, the staff at  Springborn Staffing says thanks to each and every client we serve and candidate we place. May your Thanksgiving and holiday season be filled with joy – and thanksgiving.

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