Job Seeking 101 – Part II – Action Plan

Spring fever has arrived and with comes a surge in people looking for new jobs – maybe even new locations. Last week, we discussed the blunders people make when job searching – the little and big no no’s that crimp your plan for the new and better. Now that you know what to avoid, let’s talk about the must-dos of your job search – your action plan.

Begin by being honest with yourself.
This is your search – your story. If you want a happy, satisfying ending, you have to start out with accurate information, and you are the most reliable source. Ask yourself these questions and give thoughtful clear-cut answers.
 What do I like best about my present position – what gives me energy?
 What skills do I excel in the most?
 What skills do I want to develop, and are my expectations reasonable?
 What are my core values and beliefs?
 What is the most important to me – salary, growth potential, or benefits? Which specific benefits?
 What kind of company do I want to work at – small or large? Traditional or on the edge? Start-up or deeply rooted?
 What culture am I seeking?
 What location – am I happy where I at or ready for a move across the state or even the country?
Once you have a solid grasp of your professional identity and a general picture of your professional goals, it’ time to get more specific.
 What is my target destination? Where do I see myself at the end of the story? For example, I may want to reach vice president of commercial sales by 45.
 What are the milestones along the way? I need to attend conferences, take classes, and participate in Toastmasters International – with one milestone be earning my DTM.
 What are my linear goals – the scenic side trips I will take on my journey? What are interests I want to develop to be a more rounded person. For example, I enjoy golfing, and it’s a great place to connect professionally – one side trip might be taking a lesson from a professional golfer.
Ok, I agree, it sounds like we’re discussing goals instead of job searching. That’s because we needed to have a clear vision before we make a plan, but now we’re ready to . . .

Write your job search mission statement. For example, I want to work at a stable, but young retail sales company where there is lots of room for growth, and where I can use my people skills and my gift for seeing the big picture while grasping the details. I want to start 15-20% higher than my present salary, but I am willing to take 10% if it’s with a company who will allow me to have flexible hours and work one day from home each week.
Create your strategy.
 Identify companies that fit your criteria and research them
 Polish your resume and customize it to each of the companies you chose
 Find connections to the companies you’re interested in – or, at least, connections who are connected to people working at the company. If you can, reach out to the hiring manager.
 Create a personal brand and market yourself.
 Partner with a staffing agency. Choose one that specializes in the field you chose. Ensure that they will give you personal attention – where you are more than just a number.
 Be patient – and diligent. Treat it like a side business. Sacrifice some of your social/free time to get it off the ground. When you land the job of your dreams, you’ll be glad you stuck with it.
The better you know yourself, the clearer your vision and mission statement, the more specific you make your strategies, the more diligent you are in your search – the greater your success. At Springborn Staffing, we partner with people who know where they’re going, and we help those who need a little assistance in deciding. Either way, if you are looking at companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine, we’ll be your best partner in your job search. Contact us today and find out how we can help your story have a happy ending.

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