Keeping your Office Party out of the Liability Zone

It’s that time of year – when it’s time for office parties, gift exchanges, holiday music, etc. but you want to be sensitive to the diversity among your staff. It isn’t as difficult as you might imagine – just follow… Read more »

Giving Thanks

The giving of thanks is always a winner. We are taught it when we are young, we know how much it means to us when a boss, coworker, friend, etc. takes the time to thank us, and we know how… Read more »

Don’t wait till Spring: Prepare Now for Life after College Graduation

Your hard fought battle for a college diploma will soon be finished. Once again, you will be facing a new personal frontier. Embrace the opportunity – you did it before and you will successfully do it again. We’ve put together… Read more »

Characteristics and Skills of a Great Manager

Whether you were recently promoted or you walked the management trenches for years, taking time to evaluate and assess your management skills is time well spent. Even world-class athletes keep looking for ways to improve their skills. Consider these tips… Read more »

Winning Performance Reviews – Part l: HR perspective

Performance reviews tend to be the bane of HR job responsibilities, but when they are approached and conducted with the right attitude, they can be a positive part of your company’s growth strategy. Regardless of your company’s method/approach, you can… Read more »

You’ve Made a Difference

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, Our blessings we recall; The things we are most thankful for, We recollect them all. You are really special, In all you say and do. You made a difference in our lives; We’re thankful now for… Read more »

Correctly Classifying Workers – Are they an Employee or and Independent Contractor?

More and more workers are removing themselves from the umbrella of authority that comes with being an employee and joining the “freedom” of freelancing, consulting, or other forms of independent contracting. In addition, more and more companies are contracting projects… Read more »

Come and join us at this year’s HR Convention!

Springborn Video Please join us at the 2014 HR Convention from Tuesday May 6th – Friday May 9th. The convention will be held at the Samoset Resort at 220 Warrenton Street in Rockport Maine. Our booth will be located at… Read more »

3 Tips for Hiring for Cultural Fit

The cultural fit of a company and its employees should never be overlooked during the hiring process. Although a candidate’s skills and experience are strong indicators of their likelihood to succeed in the position, it is important to look beyond… Read more »

Looking Ahead: 3 Challenges for HR

As with any business decision, hiring has always had, and will continue to have, its own unique set of challenges. While it is important to recognize, tackle, and overcome your current hiring obstacles, it is equally as important to take… Read more »