Meet Our Team

When you work with Springborn, you’ll notice an immediate difference, not just in the quality of our jobs and talent, but also in the people you work with here. They are more experienced, more knowledgeable and more invested in your career. Here’s a little bit about our team:

Laura Thibodeau – PHR, MA

President of Springborn Staffing

Laura has been kicking around the business arena for quite some time now (well ok – not that long…).  She has had a blast with a number of different career opportunities including:

  • Division I Basketball Scholarship Player and later D-I Coach (yes, she is aware she’s short) where she relished the competitive & academic environment of a College Campus setting;
  • Sales & Marketing Professional at a couple of the Biggies – Fortune 500 Companies where she was able to “learn the ropes” from some of the best in the industry;
  • And most recently… Small Business Owner in Maine.   Laura followed in her father’s footsteps, who had his own Insurance Agency in Maine for years when she acquired Springborn Staffing in 2008.

For fun:   Laura enjoys digging in the dirt – yep – you fellow gardeners know what I’m talking about.  She also enjoys home design & decorating, and is an avid (we mean vegan, doesn’t wear down, cat-lady variety) animal lover.

Interesting Tidbit:  In her alternative reality, Laura is a best-selling novelist – is 2 pages a good start…?

Deborah Jabine – CPC

Vice President of Springborn Staffing

Deb is one of the most loyal (and fun!) individuals in the biz. Job seekers can count on Deb being their best friend and number one fan in their job search. You won’t find anyone more dedicated (and did we mention fun?) in this line of work.  Deb has lots (over 20!) years of experience as a search professional. Quite simply, she is the best.

For Fun: Deb enjoys spending time with her family at her summer home on Peaks Island; has been an avid Yoga practitioner for years, creates beautiful stained glass lamps, and, if you see her staring off into the distance up on “the hill” – no need to worry, she is just soaking in that Casco Bay view.

Interesting Tidbit: Deb recently became a competitive 5K runner & would like to complete a mini-triathlon – Kudos Deb!

Donna Poulin – CSP


Donna is a competitive, go-getter, put Martha Stewart to shame, dynamo.  No grass grows under her feet.  Donna is naturally talented – at anything – she puts her mind to.   And she has put her mind to being one of the best Recruiters in the industry – and she is achieving it.  Clients & Candidates alike absolutely love Donna – because she really cares and goes the extra 2 miles to make things happen.

Donna has enjoyed a past successful career as a RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist), and has managed multiple medical practices.

For Fun:  In the summer months, you will find Donna and her family having a blast boating on Sebago Lake in their Chaparral Cruiser; she is also an avid knitter & gardener, and in the winter she loves to hit the slopes (black diamond, anyone?) when she can.

Interesting Tidbit:   Remember we said she can do anything…?  Donna can ride the unicycle – maybe we will post a video of that…

Sandi Marks

Office Administrator

Sandi is our secret weapon.   And the secret is… Sandi is the one in charge (shhh – don’t tell her).  She makes sure everything operates like a finely tuned, well-oiled machine.   And… she’s a marketing whiz to boot.  Sandi has an extensive history with small business, including working for her successful family business, and starting and running her own redemption center.   Now, she’s all about payroll, workers comp, AP/AR, accounting, well… you get the idea.

For Fun:  Sandi enjoys cooking (we have the recipe for her Pasta Sauce – best ever!), crocheting, crossword puzzles, and she has a teapot collection that will knock your socks off.

Interesting Tidbit: Sandi is a lover of sitcoms. She knows all 236 episodes of F▪R▪I▪E▪N▪D▪S by heart and has been known to belt out the entire theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when the mood strikes her fancy.

Diane Abramson, M.S., SHRM -CP

Director, Human Resources Consulting Division

We are psyched (e.g. happy, excited, etc.) – to have Diane Abramson as our new Director of Human Resources Consulting. Diane hails from the great city of Gorham, and her parents still call Maine home as well. Diane is “joyous” to be back in her Great Home State and we are – well… just psyched to have her here as well. Diane has a BA and a Masters in Human Resources Development (Wow…). The main refrain about Diane in the office is:
“Boy… are our clients lucky to have you working with them!”
We are here to tell you she is not just good, she is the best.

For Fun: For Fun: Well… running Marathons of course silly. Diane has completed the Hartford Marathon (twice, no less), and the Maine Coast Marathon. So far…

Interesting Tidbit:
• Lists herself as a Crazy Cat Lady (count of 3 so far);
• Has a hidden talent for making balloon animals (but her cats are real, not balloons);
• Can change a tire in under 1 minute flat (who needs AAA?);
• Was once in a Beach Boys cover band.

Kristi Gagnon

Recruiter, Banking & Credit Union Division