In the last several years Springborn has provided me with permanent job placements and temporary assignments.  They have matched my skills and interests in every assignment.  At all times, the entire staff at Springborn has been professional and a pleasure to work with.

Judy Swicker, Job Seeker

Springborn Staffing has been an invaluable breath of fresh air.  I have worked with several staffing agencies not only in Maine, but in other large cities.  I was brand new to Maine from Chicago and was spinning my wheels trying to narrow down my job search, and wasting a lot of time interviewing. Springborn was incredibly helpful.  They took the time to meet with me and really get to know my strengths, and interests.  After discussing some possibilities they even reviewed my resume and had some amazing tips.  What a time saver, instead of spending my days becoming a professional job seeker they found me a perfect professional career.  If you’re searching for a job, Springborn is the place to go; they are extremely professional and effective.

Melissa Dube, Job Seeker

For over a decade, we have partnered with Springborn Staffing to assist with our legal staffing needs.  Their recruiters and staff are committed to understanding our business culture and providing the highest quality professionals for consideration.  They are responsive to our needs and work quickly to fill all requests.  Thank you for your outstanding work!

Audrey J. Fillion, Administrator/Personnel, Berman & Simmons

I have found Springborn to be great at finding me temp work.  They are very professional and truly a pleasure to work with.

Barbara Tufts, Job Seeker

Very dependable, professional and always go the extra mile for their clients!

Marcle Parrie, Job Seeker

 Your recruiters are very personable and professional. It took me less than 5 days to be offered a temp job. Springborn did all the follow ups and made the transition easy and I felt very comfortable going into the job.

Nicole Thomas, Job Seeker

Thank you Springborn Staffing for helping me get this new opportunity.  You have a very professional and personal approach that made it easy deal with my reemergence into the job market after being retired for 10 months.

Gregory Hildebrand, Job Seeker

Springborn really pushed me to pursue a temp position in a field in which I had absolutely zero experience… I was recently offered a full-time permanent hire role for the company and I couldn’t be happier. The wonderful women at Springborn went the extra mile to help put me on a fantastic new career path!

Jonathan Miller, Job Seeker

I started working for Springborn Staffing a year ago. The staff is professional and helpful.

Paula Baines, Job Seeker

Very professional and friendly office staff.

Michelle Murphy, Job Seeker