Springborn Staffing did for me in two weeks what headhunters and recruiters failed to do for two years: they got me a great gig. Springborn Staffing may seem like a (suspiciously attractive, boutique) temp agency, but it’s more like a concierge service. Bring them your ennui, your existential crisis, even your desperation, and they will hand you back your sense of humor, your dignity, and a paycheck. They’re sorcerers, basically. Really friendly sorcerers. 

Elke Blackstone, Job Seeker

My experience with Springborn staffing has been a unique one. When we first moved to Maine, I was a stay at home mom for many years and thought it was time for me to return to work. The staff at Springborn did an amazing job and didn’t hesitate to find me a position. When I decided to return to college and finish my degree, Springborn stood right next to me.  I now have my associate degree; Springborn has helped me achieve another goal with furthering my career. I always recommend Springborn when it comes to both sides of the employment spectrum.

You can’t be afraid to ask for help. After all that’s why Springborn is there.

Erin Lemont, Job Seeker

We have been working with Springborn Staffing for a number of years now and we could not be more pleased.   They always comes through for us by providing top-notch temporary “tax season” professionals who have been able to fit right into our busy work flow and make a valuable contribution to our work product.  Thank you Springborn Staffing!

Anne M. Romano, CPA

I am really grateful to have Diane working with our office.  She has been a fantastic resource and works well with my book keeper and biller.  I referred her to my friend who was in a similar situation with her staff and she has nothing but high praises.

My practice has a more professional atmosphere and continues to grow.  I look forward to what 2018 brings us.


Michele Kurlanski, Lighthouse Foot & Ankle

Diane & Laura are a pleasure to work with, they are super friendly and have a lot of knowledge in the HR field. I would definitely recommend working with them!

Jodie Caldwell, Stratton Lumber Inc.

Within an hour of my call, Springborn Staffing had the perfect person for a last minute project – a real life saver!

Charles Carbonneau, The Bennet Law Firm

In the last several years Springborn has provided me with permanent job placements and temporary assignments.  They have matched my skills and interests in every assignment.  At all times, the entire staff at Springborn has been professional and a pleasure to work with.

Judy Swicker, Job Seeker

Springborn Staffing has been an invaluable breath of fresh air.  I have worked with several staffing agencies not only in Maine, but in other large cities.  I was brand new to Maine from Chicago and was spinning my wheels trying to narrow down my job search, and wasting a lot of time interviewing. Springborn was incredibly helpful.  They took the time to meet with me and really get to know my strengths, and interests.  After discussing some possibilities they even reviewed my resume and had some amazing tips.  What a time saver, instead of spending my days becoming a professional job seeker they found me a perfect professional career.  If you’re searching for a job, Springborn is the place to go; they are extremely professional and effective.

Melissa Dube, Job Seeker

For over a decade, we have partnered with Springborn Staffing to assist with our legal staffing needs.  Their recruiters and staff are committed to understanding our business culture and providing the highest quality professionals for consideration.  They are responsive to our needs and work quickly to fill all requests.  Thank you for your outstanding work!

Audrey J. Fillion, Administrator/Personnel, Berman & Simmons

I have found Springborn to be great at finding me temp work.  They are very professional and truly a pleasure to work with.

Barbara Tufts, Job Seeker