Springborn Staffing provides our firm with top-notch talent choices for our administrative, legal assistant and paralegal searches. Not only does the staff work to find candidates that meet our needs, Springborn provides reliable testing and candid references for their candidates. We perceive Springborn Staffing to be a valued business partner.

Bernstein Shur

Over the past 3 years, Springborn Staffing has been my ‘go to’ for permanent and temporary placements.   In the insurance industry I have found it very difficult to recruit licensed account managers, however, Springborn has usually been successful in finding those candidates for me.  As professionals they are knowledgeable of our industry, great communicators, and work diligently to find the right candidate who will fit with our culture.  I highly recommend partnering with Springborn Staffing for your recruiting needs.

United Insurance

Springborn really pushed me to pursue a temp position in a field in which I had absolutely zero experience… I was recently offered a full-time permanent hire role for the company and I couldn’t be happier. The wonderful women at Springborn went the extra mile to help put me on a fantastic new career path!

Jonathan Miller, Job Seeker

I started working for Springborn Staffing a year ago. The staff is professional and helpful.

Paula Baines, Job Seeker

Very professional and friendly office staff.

Michelle Murphy, Job Seeker

Having returned home to Maine after 16 years living out of state it was so refreshing to be able to reconnect with Springborn Staffing! It was as if I never left. They have always been professional, thorough, and caring.

Cynthia Royce, Job Seeker

Very professional and helpful staff.

Leanna Dwyer, Job Seeker

I have had wonderful assignments with Springborn over the last three years, both long term and short term, depending on my situation at that time. They have truly been a wonderful group to work with, accommodating me in every way. My last assignment has resulted in a permanent placement, which I wasn’t even looking for!

Julie B., Job Seeker

Fresh out of college and looking for the best job opportunity, and Springborn Staffing made that happen. They are a very professional company, polite and friendly. I would highly recommend them for anyone seeking a job.

Alexa, Job Seeker

I like working for Springborn, they are always very quick to respond to any question or concern that I have.  I feel they care about me as their employee; I’m not just another “temp.”

Melissa Montefel, Job Seeker