5 Things HR Professionals Love About Staffing Agencies

While some HR professionals still have a wary relationship with staffing agencies, savvy HR managers know that professional, experienced agencies can be a terrific resource when used correctly.

1. They save you money by saving you time. Finding and attracting candidates for your job openings is a time-consuming duty, and you probably have to juggle that duty with many others. A good recruiter at a staffing agency can focus far more time on your candidate search than you can. The agency can handle advertising, outreach, pre-screening and even interviewing for you, then present you with a short list of candidates. They can help negotiate the offer process and conduct background and reference checks. By taking these responsibilities off your plate, you can spend more of your time doing the rest of your job. The position will be filled more quickly, so the company is not losing money.

2. They find candidates with proven skills. If a prospective employee claims to have a certain software skill, a staffing agency can put it and other claims to the test through a series of evaluations. Staffing agencies sometimes also administer personality tests and other evaluations that can help determine how well the candidate would fit into the culture of your organization.

3. They know where to find the hard-to-find candidates. Many professional HR staffing agencies specialize in particular kinds of employees. If they don’t have the type of person you are looking for, they know where to find them – through specialty job sites, contacts with associations, networking and directly calling employees who work for your competitors.

4. They give you the opportunity to “try before you buy.” If you use a staffing agency to find temporary help, you have time to decide if you want to turn this temporary employee into a permanent, direct employee of your organization. If you’re not satisfied with the employee, you can simply not re-hire him after the term is up or request that the agency replace the employee with a different one.

5. They give you a quick solution to short-term vacancies. When you need to hire somebody for just a short period of time, to cover for a sick leave, maternity leave or a vacation, a professional staffing agency is the place to turn. They specialize in the ability to provide organizations with qualified job candidates on very short notice.

In an unstable economy, everyone is under pressure to do more with less, to run their departments more leanly and efficiently, and to find the most productive employees. At Springborn Staffing, we have been providing companies in Maine and all of Northern New England with top quality candidates for more than 20 years. To find out how we can help you with even your most difficult searches, contact us today.

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