Common Mistakes of Leaders who Fail

Lack of confidence: They worked their way up the ladder, won the promotion, but lacked the confidence to carry through. Because they were afraid to fail, they did.

Solution: Recognize that you will probably make some mistakes, but the world won’t come to a crashing halt. Read a book of leading. Attend a webinar. Remind yourself that you made the journey, so you must have what it takes to succeed.

Arrogance: This is the leader who thinks they are one-step above everybody else. They know all the answers and their way is the only way. Sadly, they will soon find that the top of their world is very lonely.

Solution: It takes humility and a servant heart to be a great leader. Never lose sight of where your journey started

Disorganization: They have all the skills and tools, but are too busy trying find them, to use them. Grandpa used to say, “They’re a day late and a dollar short”

Solution: Watch a video, take a course, read a book, or hire and executive assistant to lead you – just get help.

They over-promise and under-deliver: Failing to keep their word, their lack of trustworthiness erodes the entire system. Soon, those who should be reporting to them are circumventing them.

Solution: Set the example for integrity. Be careful what you commit to – make it a personal strategy to follow through on everything you promise. Inspire team loyalty.

They lack vision. Hence, they can’t create a connection that ties the team together. Because the team doesn’t know where it’s headed, they get lost.
Solution: Establish a mission statement. Set your objectives and your goals. Communicate these to your staff and tie everything together.

They aren’t transparent and accountable: They keep themselves behind a closed door and refuse to answer to anyone. Their mistakes aren’t caught until it’s too late because they didn’t let anyone in or listen to the insight of others.

Solution: Keep your door open. Invite staff to share ideas and suggestions. Find a mentor to hold you accountable to the plan. Be willing to listen when advise you to change direction.

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