Social Media Recruiting

Social media recruiting – a viable tool for HR. The key of course is playing the game wisely. The advantages are easy to understand – it provides connection and ongoing engagement with both active and passive candidates, another layer of filtering, and a broader perspective cultural fit. But recognizing the advantages isn’t enough. HR must also understand – and follow – social media recruiting dos and don’ts.


Take time to research your target market. Create a personalized strategy that takes advantage of your industry’s “hot” times. Utilize key words specific to your brand, your industry, your open positions.

Develop a company brand – make it attractive to the talent you want to attract. Be professional and transparent. Start conversations and forums. Provide industry information.

But don’t wait for talent to find you – actively search. Invite interaction and then respond promptly. Build relationships before you need to hire.

Recognize the various generations – from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers, to Millennials, but cater to millennials. They are quickly becoming the bulk of potential talent and they are the generation who grew up with social media and all things mobile.

Provide links everywhere and make your social media site mobile friendly.

Respect professional and personal information. Use the right social channels for the right information. For example, LinkedIn is the best for revealing experience, skills, and education, while Facebook and Twitter work well for perceiving personality, cultural fit, and creativity.


Posting jobs is great – posting other advertisements for your company is taboo. Social media is for conversation and sharing pertinent information. If you use it for commercial promotion, your recruiting advantages just went down the drain.

Don’t post extensive, hard to follow job descriptions. If you want them read – be clear and concise – use power words.

On the other hand, don’t post inadequate job descriptions – be specific about requirements.

Don’t post your jobs during periods of slow activity. Strike when the iron’s hot became a cliché because it’s great advice.

Don’t fail to repeat posts – once isn’t enough to find top talent.

Don’t ignore responses – you started the conversation by posting a position. Even if you are turning a potential candidate away – do it with respect rather than silence.

Of course social media recruiting is just one aspect of attracting, engaging, and winning top talent. At Springborn Staffing, we use multiple channels to match Bangor and Portland, Maine companies with the best. Contact us today and discover the many ways we can help your company grow.

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