Engaging & Retaining Millennials

Millennials – the dominant force in today’s workers. While most hiring managers have ditched the negatives and are focusing on the tremendous strengths of Millennials – quick learning, adaptable, tech-savvy, multi-tasking, creative, entrepreneurial thinking, and team oriented, for starters – they are struggling to retain them once they’re hired. Truthfully, Millennials will rarely stay with one company for life – or even for a decade, but if you discover the secrets to their work satisfaction, you will keep them longer than most. So, what are the missing keys? How can you inspire loyalty from your millennial staff?

First and foremost, recognize that Millennials don’t work for companies – they work with companies. This subtle difference lays the foundation for everything Millennials are seeking. It also means that flexible work and office hours are a must – their sense of “owning” part of the company means not only giving it whole-hearted effort, but also having the freedom to bend their dedication around the rest of their life, which they consider equally, if not more, important.

Sense of Community

  • Invite their collaboration on projects, make them an active part of a team.
  • Provide open-spaces for working – cubicles still work if they have half walls that allow your millennial staff to still see their coworkers.
  • Include brainstorming sessions, group projects, and participation in team goals – it sets their world on fire.
  • Let them know that their work is making a difference – which specific company goals their contribution is helping.

Career Development

  • Be a company who invests in your staff – Millennials place a high priority on personal and career development.
  • Provide leadership, mentoring and coaching from your senior staff – millennials are quick learners who want to be taught.
  • Offer in-house training and provide resources for approved education outside of work. This includes acknowledgment and rewards for accomplishments in career growth.
  • Provide opportunities for Millennials to lead – starting at their level and moving up over time – fast time.
  • Emphasize technology. Millennials grew up with it and they want to use it – in the latest, most efficient form.
  • Give ongoing performance feedback rather than annual reviews – Millennials want to know now if they are making the grade or need to make adjustments.

Invest in their health

  • Provide an on-site gym – if that isn’t possible, pay a portion of a gym membership or let them earn “rewards” for time spent at the gym.
  • Offer healthy snacks in your vending machines
  • Organize company events geared to better health

Be active in your community

  • Millennials care about their world – they want to work for companies who also care.
  • Support local and national charities – give staff an opportunity to participate in choosing which ones.
  • Participate as a company in “hands-on” giving – volunteer at a fundraiser marathon or dream team tournament, take a December night to serve at a local soup kitchen, host a grocery drive for your local food bank, etc.


  • Gamify whatever you can – offer rewards.
  • Acknowledge a job well done, a goal accomplished, a project completed, etc.
  • Let them know they are making an impact in the immediate, and the big, picture.

In summary: your company’s success rides on Millennials – they are today’s workforce. Like everyone else, Millennials have priorities, goals, and specific ways they want their feathers smoothed. Taking time to learn who they are, what they stand for, and how to please them is key to attracting, engaging, and retaining them.

At Springborn Staffing, we appreciate what Millennials, and all generations, bring to the table. We specialize in matching great companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine with the best employee for your open positions. Contact us today and discover the difference a perfect match can make on your journey toward millennial retention.


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