Embracing 2016 – The Trends and The Issues

It’s the same every year – the new year brings new trends and new issues or, at least, new variations on the old ones. Sometimes being prepared means being able to effectively respond to trends and issues. Sometimes it simply means being able to bend in the rush of wind that blows in with them. Either way, it’s always good to be aware of what’s happening in the business world.

Technology: It’s the way things are – if you want to grow as a company, you have to grow technologically.
• Tap into online customers. Hire staff when you need staff, but recognize when new software will get the job done better.
• Be mobile – everything you offer from job applications to ads to retail coupons, and more, must be easily assessable via iPads, cell phones, and everything mobile.
• Ensure you have the technology – and ability – to communicate with your customers, clients and business partners in efficient and quick manner.

Recruiting talent: With the continued growth in our economy, the massive Boomer retirement, and the influx of Millennials who still need “training,” the skills gap will remain an issue. Businesses who want to engage and keep qualified talent must make changes. Some helpful hints include:
• Hiring your retiring Boomers on a part-time consulting basis for in-house mentoring and training of your up and coming Millennials.
• Meeting your Millennials on their playing field. Win their loyalty by being a socially responsible company, offering flexibility, respecting diversity, encouraging collaboration, and becoming tech savvy.
• Connect with a qualified staffing firm who specializes in your industry

Security: Cloud computing is trading its option status for necessity, bringing with it increased security issues.
• Assess your risks
• Implement protective measures
• Develop an immediate response plan
• Know the signals of business identity theft

Government regulations: No, they aren’t going away
• Ensure that you are compliant with ACA – you may need to consult with an expert.
• Pay attention to minimum wage – many states are enacting changes
• Ensure that none of your staff/employees are illegal
• Beware of infringing on your competitors’ copyright and patents
• Document everything

In the end, the best choices often center on a willingness to embrace change, to look forward – preparing for the future, today. At Springborn Staffing we care about our clients – working with them to prepare for their present and future hiring needs. We have been providing services to Northern New England for over 20 years. Solid. Reputable. Quality. These are the attributes Springborn Staffing brings to the table. Contact us today and discover why we have emerged as Northern New England’s Staffing Vendor of Choice

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