Keys to Success as a Temp

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of using temps, increasing the option of making temp work your long-term career. Whether that’s your goal or you’re just biding time until you graduate, get hired permanently, etc.; success – being the best of the best, the “first-called” temp, is a matter of choice – your choice.

Make the right choice: Take an Honest Self-Inventory

Do you have a solid work ethic? Are you:
• Motivated: Do you not only finish your assigned task but look for additional ways to help? Do you arrive on time, every time, with a ready mind and eager to get started?
• Responsible: Can your supervisor depend on you to take responsibility for assigned tasks, completing them according to expected standards – or above, on time – or sooner?
• Teachable: Do you listen to instruction with care, ensuring that you know how to do the task? Are you willing to admit when you don’t understand and ask for help?
• Productive: Do you make the best use of your work time – or just appear to be busy?

Do you have a “working” attitude? Are you:
• Committed: Do you treat your position as permanent – even when there is a specified end-date? Do you give 100%, placing value on your role?
• Conscientious: Do you take pride in your position – regardless of the length of time? Do you take personal responsibility when you make an error, rather than blame others or circumstance?
• Encouraging: Do you maintain a positive attitude, and encourage coworkers in their efforts? Do you help create an atmosphere of goodwill? Are you a team player?
• Confident: Do you tackle each task with personal, professional assurance?
• Flexible: Are you willing to make adjustments for the unforeseen? Do you adapt to necessary changes?

Do you excel at communication? Do you:
• Refrain from negative talk: Do you redirect gossip into positive conversation?
• Speak with respect: Do you communicate in respectful terms to everyone, regardless of diversity?
• Listen: Do you give your full attention when others are speaking?
• Maintain integrity: Do you uphold the truth? Are you transparent rather than deceptive?
• Initiate: Are you a conversation starter? A relationship builder? Even if you are on the job for a short time, you are always building your network for the positive – or negative.

Do you keep learning: Are you:

• Expanding your knowledge: Do you participating in webinars, conferences, etc.? Do you read?
• Building your skill set: Do you take additional classes or attend a trades school?
• Taking advantage of free continued education: Have you asked about programs at work? Are you aware of what your local library offers?

In reality, success at your temp job is based on the same principles that govern success in long-term positions. At Springborn Staffing, we place a high value on candidates who have learned the art of being a successful temp, matching them with successful companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine. Contact us today – we will assist you in taking your positive choices to higher levels.

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