Millennials – The Rising Leaders in Business

Millennials, our rising leaders – the powerhouse behind the changing landscape of business. It’s passed time to stomp out the negative stereotyping and embrace these tech-savvy, warm-hearted individuals who care about making a global difference. Millennials are the bulk of our workforce. Companies who appreciate their strength and provide training in their weak areas will discover the impact this creative, innovative generation will make as leaders in their business.

What is so special about Millennial Leadership?

Millenials care: Oh they want paid and paid well for their talent, but people and making a difference are a higher priority. From appreciating and promoting diversity on their team and through the company to encouraging participation in the community to supporting global causes, Millennials are on the front line. If they are leading the company, you can be sure they will find ways the company can help with community projects. Expect to be green. Expect diversity among your employees. Expect to hear a lot about vision, mission, and value.

Millennials are fair: Forget about old-school seniority. Millennials give credit where credit is due. Raises and promotions go to the employee whose performance earned it – even if they are the newest kid on the block. But it won’t be behind your back – they believe in transparency, open doors, and telling it exactly as it is.

Millennials are tech savvy: And they use it. In fact, they live it so don’t expect the old nine-five at your desk. Millennials love the mobility that comes with all things tech. They work hard and assume you will too, but they prefer to do it their way, in their time frame, and their preferred location. Expect flexibility – from hours to changeable workstations. After all, if you can’t bend your work to fit your life, then a Millennial will say it’s time for change – so be ready for the ride.

Millennials are relational: This should be evident from the first three points. After all, someone who cares about supporting community and global causes, who supports diversity and believes in fairness, who bends their work around their life instead of vice versa, is certainly someone who cares about relationships. They don’t much care for old school hierarchy. They thrive on mentoring from the older and wiser – they get in the ditch and shovel with their teams. In other words, they know how to lead and how to learn, and the common denominator is relationship.

With all these great traits, why are companies struggling with the transition? Frankly, while Millennials have the heart for great leadership, they haven’t been taught the nitty gritty details. They need instruction concerning people management, conflict resolution, business acumen, communication, etc. Companies who capitalize on the incredible value of their Millennials, while providing pertinent training – millennial style, of course – will be the winners.

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