The Battle for Talent – Winning Hiring Strategies for 2016

It’s time to quit whining about talent shortages and focus on a plan of action. Learn how to tap into the pipeline. Evaluate where you are solid in your recruiting practices and where you need to yank out the overgrowth and plant a new bed of attention-getting tactics.
For starters, think tech – that’s the world of today.

Build a network before you have an opening.
• Offer webinars, online conferences, mini training sessions, etc. Cover topics pertinent to your industry. It’s a great way to build a base of potential talent.
• Don’t neglect the social media connection advantage. Participate in forums, discussions, etc.

Create a mobile hiring strategy
• It’s one of the best ways to tap into Millennial talent. In fact, 90% of job seekers utilize their mobile devices for the hunt.
• Keep it simple and effective
Include video resumes – they provide an extra level of screening.

Tap into one of your best resources: your present staff and professional connections.
• Of course, it begins by building an engaging company culture and marketing your brand attractively. If your present employees aren’t happy, they won’t be motivated to “share the wealth.”
• Create referral programs – with enough incentive to make it worth your employees’ time. Give them a real reason to share their insight and connect you with their professional colleagues.

Don’t stop with hiring a staffing firm – build a relationship – create a partnership
• Choose an agency that fits – one that specializes in your industry, shares your philosophies on what makes a great candidate and how to find them, and has a proven record.
• Communicate often. Provide accurate job descriptions. Clearly express your company goals and potential needs for the future. Give honest feedback. You get the picture.
• Collaborate on what works best for your company

Give candidates a reason to choose your company – this strategy will never change.
• Be able to effectively “tell your story.”
• If you want the best – offer the best – pay, benefits, culture, opportunities.
• Keep open doors when someone does leave – make coming back easy and irresistible.

Companies who quit worrying about the talent shortage, make a battle plan, and then take action, will discover a high ROI – especially when they join ranks with a great staffing firm. For Portland and Bangor, Maine, that firm is Springborn Staffing. We have been connecting companies and talent for almost 30 years – with a more than 95% placement success rate. Why are you waiting? Contact us today.

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