Are You Leaving PTO on the Table?

Americans are often overworked – and that’s a sugar-coated statement. The truth is, we have lost the concept of rest, relax, restore. Our 24/7 connections; our tendency to put value on things, status, etc. rather than people; even our idol worship of those sports figures or actors and actress, musicians who outshine, outperform the rest has led to a devaluing of people and relationships. We are afraid to take all our allotted vacation time lest:
• The place falls apart without me
• The mountain of work waiting when I get back isn’t worth it.
• I will be let go at worst and skipped at promotion time at best because I didn’t sacrifice my earned time off.
• I miss that one crucial call or sale or chance to impress
• It’s not fair to my coworkers
The list goes on . . . and stress goes up while production goes down and creativity is stunted.
As you sputter and make excuses as to why your particular situation is different, consider these reasons that vacation time you earned is so important – not just to your health, your relationships, your ability to grow, etc. but also to your relationships and yes, also to your employer.
Your health: Studies show that people who take vacation lower their risk of heart attack, depression weight gain, and high blood pressure.
Your work: Employees who use their earned vacation days, have better overall performance reviews because . . . they perform better.
Your mental state: People who take vacations maintain greater levels of mental alertness and clarity. They tend to have fresher perspectives on difficult situations.
Your relationships: People who take vacations tend to build stronger relationships with spouses, children, friends, coworkers.
Your growth: people who take vacations enjoy new experiences, broaden their horizons, learn more about life.
Taking a true vacation doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere – it’s as much about what you don’t do, as it is about what you do do.
• Don’t keep checking your work email.
• Don’t use it to catch up on all those back burner work projects.
• Don’t just work an hour each morning.
• Don’t spend your morning making client calls.
• Shut off technology and play a game with your children. Listen to what they have to say – they often have amazing insight
• Take time for coffee with a friend – leaving your cell phone in the car
• Take walks, put together a puzzle, read a book, watch a movie, do that home project you always wanted to complete, sleep. Dance in the rain . . . You get the picture.
• If you can afford to, go away and ski down a mountainside or soak up the sun.
A true vacation leaves us rested, restored, and invigorated. We find more joy. When we return to work, we are more creative, productive, insightful. We love others better because we have taken the time to love ourselves.

To conclude the matter: If you are thinking of skipping vacation this year, don’t. Enjoy your time off and then tell us about it here at Springborn. We care about our clients and our candidates. We know you will live and work better when you take a vacation. And when the restored you wants new work, contact us. We specialize in finding you the best-fit.

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