Building your Business

From start-ups to solidly-established companies, building and growing your business remains a top priority. So, what can your company do to enhance growth for the remaining half of 2016? Here are four tips for success.

Establish, build, enhance your brand. Generate a brand that invites new customers and keeps the old – a brand that inspires the tried and true word-of-mouth advertising. Create a “branding” team – use temporary talent to step in and free up your current top talent for creating, revising, launching your brand.
• Quit worrying about limits – expand your boundaries.
• Rejuvenate old ideas and create new ones, but don’t skip the fundamentals.
• Post consistently, delivering value – not advertisements.
• Respond immediately to comments – especially problems and complaints.
• Get the most out of analytics.
• Engage customers across multiple social platforms. According to Spredfast, “Instagram delivers brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. Not only does Instagram have the potential to garner brands higher engagement, but it offers a unique opportunity to connect with customers. From visual storytelling with user-generated content to creative 15-second videos, it’s unarguable that Instagram is a serious hot spot for audience engagement.”
• Focus on building customer relationships – offer value, play games, reward loyalty.

Make Technology your Friend. New technologies continually appear on the market. Learn to evaluate which ones support your industry best and use them. Millennials may be tech-savvy, but Gen-Z cut their teeth on it – when the average 18-month old can manipulate an I-phone, there is no excuse for a business to drag their techy feet.
• Define an IT Strategy – include resources for research and development
• Attend tech tradeshows and recognize the value of data
• Hire new talent

Do what you know and do it better, but don’t be afraid to expand into new markets. Pursue your passion.
• Give yourself the gift of time by outsourcing – a reputable staffing firm can supply qualified employees to cover responsibilities and give you time to focus on new markets/clients/products.
• Gain the advantage of multiple fresh insights – hire diversity.
• Challenge company leaders to grow – send them to conferences, encourage their participation in online courses.

Partner with a staffing firm. Your employees are your business. A staffing agency connects you with reliable, talented staff so you can focus on growing your business. Choose an agency that fits your company – one that:
• Specializes in your industry.
• Shares your philosophies on what makes a great candidate.
• Has a proven record.

Springborn Staffing specializes in helping Bangor and Portland, Maine businesses prosper. We care – we listen – we act. We are your source and support for a growing business. Contact us today.

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