Take a Vacation – Now

Interview the working world and you will discover that, despite the long-term benefits of taking a vacation, more than half of earned paid vacation time is remaining unused. In fact, this unwillingness to rest and restore may very well be a core pillar in the stress-level of America. Whether people are workaholic, believe the office will fall apart without them, are trying to look good for the boss, or simply think they can’t afford to indulge in vacation, the result is the same. Failure to take regular time for rest and leisure is a sure-fire path to burnout and many stress-related illnesses, including insomnia, digestive issues, chronic headaches, and muscle tension, as well as a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Even if you manage to override the health issues, skipping vacation actually reduces creativity and productivity while increasing work errors.

The truth is, vacations:
• Refresh and rejuvenize
• Inspire increased creativity
• Improve life perspective
• Builds better relationships – personally and professionally
• Increases sense of well-being

All of these benefits – and there are more – should be enough of a reason to take a vacation, but for those of you who need a bit more prompting, here are some signs that you had better sign-up for vacation before today is over!

You need a vacation if:
• You arrive at work looking like a mug shot.
• You have lost connection with your family – and can’t even remember the last child’s event which you attended.
• You enjoy your work less each day and yet your life revolves around it.
• Small things become big things – you know you’re over-reacting, but . . .
• You find yourself making too many mistakes, forgetting too many important details, eating too little, drinking too much – the common denominator here is the word “too.”

Choose vacation – you need it, your relationships need it, your professional life needs it.
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